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The game controls are relatively simple, making the game easy to pick up. The true challenge comes from stringing together hits without taking damage for higher rankings (see below). Here are the main controls/attacks of the game:

  • Speed Attack: The Speed Attack is useful for unshielded enemies, for unlike the Fierce attack it is quick and cannot break shields. The speed of the attack also helps block enemy attacks.
  • Fierce Attack: Fierce Attacks are slow yet powerful, and the only attack that can break shields until a high level is achieved. By holding down the Fierce Attack button the player can use a Devastating Attack. Devastating Attacks must be purchased first, and they have several upgrades depending on that character's level.
  • Physical Attack: This attack varies depending on which character is used. The hobbits, as well as Gimli push, Gandalf delivers a fierce knock with his staff, and Aragorn, Legolas, and Faramir use a kick. The Physical Attack is used in the top of Minas Tirith's wall to knock ladders over, but also appears in three combos and can be used to knock aside an enemy's guard.
  • Ranged Attack: By using a Ranged Attack the player can strike an opponent from far away. The attack is different depending on the character who's being used; Aragorn, Legolas, and Faramir use arrows, Gimli uses throwing axes, Gandalf uses his staff to shoot a beam, and the Hobbits use throwing knives. Ranged Attacks can be upgraded so they do more damage and produce different effects.
  • Parry: Parrying is used to block most enemy attacks as well as arrows. It is also used in Linked one-combo kill moves.
  • Killing Move: This move automatically kills a single enemy who has been knocked to the ground if it is used on them.
  • Action: The Action command is used on a variety of things throughout the game, including picking up and throwing spears, launching catapults, etc.
  • Special Ability: As with Ranged Attacks each set of characters has a different special ability, though there are much more drastic in difference. Everyone special ability lasts for a short period of time which is followed by a "cooldown" period before the player is able to use the ability again. Aragorn, Legolas, Faramir and Gimli's special ability gets them to Perfect Mode (see below) faster. Gandalf's ability is a magic shield that not only protects him but causes damage to the enemies that touch it. All the hobbits use their cloak to turn invisible when they use their special ability, and while invisible they can use their Killing Move to backstab enemies. Special abilities can be upgraded so they last longer.
  • Note: The heroes can purchase upgrades that may make the attacks be more powerful or take less time so depending on how far you are in the game the moves may vary.