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The level design in the game is straight-forward but allows for some freedom. While there are few actual alternative paths, there are several interactive elements. In some levels the player can use ranged attacks to blow up wagons with explosives on them, in others spears are available for use against the enemies.

Start of Game
Battle of Helm's Deep
Player takes control of Gandalf.
Path of the Wizard Path of the King Path of the Hobbits
Road to Isengard
Boss: Dam of the Isen
Paths of the Dead
Boss: King of the Dead
Escape from Osgiliath
Minas Tirith Top of the wall Southern Gate Shelob's Lair
Boss: Shelob
Courtyard Battle of Pelennor Fields
Boss: Witch-king of Angmar
Cirith Ungol
Boss: Gorbag
The Black Gate
Boss: Mouth of Sauron
Crack of Doom
Boss: Gollum
Extra levels: Palantír of Saruman and Palantír of Sauron


Helms Deep (Gandalf Only)

This is a conclusion to the three Two Towers Helms Deep levels, this is a tutorial level where Gandalf kills some Uruk-hai and climbs a ladder to kill melee Uruks and Crossbowmen. Afterwards, he must go down a Ballista Hook and fire three ballistae to win the mission.

The Path Of The Dead (Path Of The King)

After wading through misty water, some spirits attack you and must be killed to pass. After a few attacks, the player will reach a big cavern with archers and spearmen. After even more attacks, the player will find a drawbridge; however, if you turn the lever, archers will attack. More misty water appears. After killing more than ten spirits, a cut-scene appears with spirits destroying pillars to make you go the long way. Push the Statue after this, then turn the lever to open the gate. After moving to the cavern, you must kill thirty-five spirits.

The King Of The Dead (Path Of The King)

The levels starts out with you having to kill "The King of the Dead". After he is slain the whole cave begins to crumble. You must rush out without getting crushed by rocks. At points, you have to kill undead to pass. At the end, you are attacked by an onslaught of ghosts, having to kill 3 boss level ghosts at the same time.

The Southern Gate (The Path Of The King)

You must go towards the gate, but when you approach a Troll springs off the top of the bridge. Orcs and Uruk-hai charge from all sides. To get through, you have to work your way through enemies until you reach three different crossbows. Launch all three, and you will be able to climb on top to open the gate. On top of the gate, you must kill a troll and many enemies. Afterwards a mûmak approaches, shoot missiles to destroy the giant elephant. Afterwards, you must open the gate with a wheel, then go back down and run through.