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You start out in the Water World of Mooroon. This is where you will learn about the basic mechanics of the game, gather your first two allies besides Coronya, and collect items and abilities that will aid you in the next chapter.

You get to choose which class you'd like to start out as before you begin the game. The Magician class is probably the most useful to choose at this point, although the Fighter class is not a bad choice either.

Mooroon present[edit]

Mooroon present
  1. You begin in the town of Meshudo (A). Listen to what the imam of the mosque has to tell you after you agree to defeat Sabaron. When you start, the "Speak" command should be assigned to B button. Talk to the towns people to get more clues about the game before you embark on your journey to the town of Rudoria (B) to the north. There are three buildings to examine in this town.
Meshudo layout
Shop Mosque
This is a relatively cheap shop. Bread, Mashroob, and Carpets can be bought for only 20 Rupias, but if you ask for a discount, you will only pay 10! Rupia Seeds are a bit more pricey at 100 Rupias, but a discount will bring it down to 50. The building that you exit from at the start is actually a mosque, although you probably won't have need for one at this time.
The Meshudo hotel charges a mere 10 Rupias to stay the night and restore your HP and MP, as well as your allies.
  1. When you are ready to leave town, head outside. Be sure to change the function of B button from "Speak" to "Sword" or "Rod" so you can attack enemies that you encounter in the field. Begin winding your way through the woods to the next town to the north. You will likely encounter Thieves and Wasps. Approach them cautiously, but do not be afraid to battle them. You will begin to gain valuable experience points, and you will reach the second level rather quickly, where you learn the healing spell of Pampoo. Don't forget to collect any coins that defeated enemies drop. After you level up, switch A button to "Pampoo" if you need to heal your wounds.
  2. Just south of Rudoria (B) is a bridge that four Piranhas like to leap over. Cross the bridge after they submerge, and continue north to reach the town. Remember to switch B button back to "Speak".
Rudoria layout
Jad Hotel
In this building, you will find Jad, a strange man whose rhymes speak to the existence of a Time Door to the east which travels back in time 50 years. This hotel charges 20 Rupias for one night's stay.
A woman here will advise you to cast "Oprin". If you do, you will find a secret entrance which hides a woman that will give you 50 Rupias. This shop sells items at an inflated price compared to Meshudo, even when you ask for a discount. Bread, Mashroom, and a Carpet are 60 Rupias, discounted to 30. Rupia Seeds are still 100, discounted to 50. It would be a good idea to purchase one Seed if you can afford to.
  1. One screen to the right of Rudoria is a magic field (m). You must cast "Oprin" in order to find the entrance. It won't do you any good right now other than to inform you that if you plant a Rupia Seed in the past during an Alalart Solar Eclipse, you can return here to reap the rewards from the tree that grows.
  2. Continue to the right, and cross the bridge to the north. Then follow the north bank of the river to the right and walk back down what appears to be another bridge. It turns out to be a dock, and if you cast "Oprin" on the next screen, a stairway will be reveal which leads to a time door that takes you back 50 years in the past.

Mooroon past[edit]

Mooroon past
  1. You will arrive in the past from the other side of the time door (t). From there, it is a very short walk back to the town of Rudoria (D). Along the way, you will once again pass through the magic field (m). When an eclipse occurs, you should consider planting a Rupia Seed in this location. Continue west to reach Rudoria.
  2. Once you reach Rudoria, begin talking to the inhabitants. They will mention that Faruk is waiting for you in Horen. While you are there, there is an important building you should visit.
Rudoria layout
Mosque Shop
Enter the mosque if Coronya has been defeated in battle, if you wish to change your class, or if you'd like a Password for your current progress. Even 50 years in the past, the contents and prices at this shop are identical to those found in the Rudoria of the present.
Magic University
A woman here will advise you to cast "Oprin". If you do, you will find a secret entrance which hides a woman that will give you 50 Rupias. Universities are important, not so much for the information which can be obtained there, but for the items which you are rewarded with for completing certain courses. Admission to this university is only 20 Rupias. After you pay this fee, you must continue to pay 10 Rupias for each course that you attend. See the Magic University sidebar on the right for more information.
Rudoria Magic University
  1. The Cygnus course teaches you that the Basido Squad is vulnerable to magic available to the Cygnus team formation. There is a quiz for this course but no reward.
  2. The Monecom course informs you that there is a wise man who will teach you a spell which can only be used during an eclipse. Completing this course earns you the Flame Rod.
  3. The Alalart course teaches you about the beneficial effects of an eclipse, such as access to great magic and better chances at casinos. You will obtain the Simitar upon completing this course.
  1. From Rudoria, head south across a long bridge, and then head east until you reach a barrier of trees. Head south again and then east to reach a bridge that leads back up to the north. Once on the other side of the bridge, there are two destinations to visit; Horen (E) to the north, and an underground cave (!) to the west. It is recommended that you visit Horen first, especially if you are in need of a hotel. On your way here, it should not be too difficult to accumulate 80 experience points and reach level 3.
  2. Horen is an ill-fated town. The citizens there speak of being forced to move due to the immanent flooding by the moving lake.
Horen layout
Shop Faruk --
This shop has one unsual item that is worth purchasing. You can buy a map which will be useful in the Palace at the end of the chapter. It costs 40 Rupias, while the other items cost 20, and don't think about asking for a discount. Inside the building awaits Faruk. He will happily join your party as an ally. You can now form the Cygnus formation in battle.
Troopers Hotel
You can hire Troopers who will battle for you at the price of 100 Rupias per set of four Troopers. While they are helpful, you may not wish to part with your hard earned money at this stage in the game. This hotel lets you rest up for only 10 Rupias.
  1. With Faruk in tow, head one screen west from Horen, and then continue straight south until you reach a stair case (!). This stair case leads to an underground cave.

Monicom cave[edit]

Monicom cave
  • Compared to other caves you will visit, it is very small, but it will give you a good idea of what to expect in the future. There are thin strips of water in the cave that mean instant death. They are a similar color as the walls, but a slightly different texture so be sure to identify them.
  • The cave is occupied by Bones which are a great source for experience points. Take some time to fight them until you reach level 4. You will occasionally encounter Medusas. They are tough to battle at this point, and generally not worth the effort.
  • Your goal in the cave is to travel from the entrance (a) to the goal in the back (b). Once you enter through (b), you will meet a man who will teach you the Great Magic spell of Monicom.
  • Monicom can only be used during an Alalart Solar Eclipse, but it can be used anywhere, even the cave! Hopefully, you will be in the middle of an eclipse when you obtain the spell. If so, cast it immediately. You will be flush with money and items.
  • You may only cast the spell once, but you may relearn it from the wise man as much as you want, so be sure to return to him and learn it a second time after you cast it.
  • Once you have the spell, return to (a) to head out of the cave. At this point, you are ready to return to the present time. Return to the time door (t) in the past and pass through the door to return to the present.

Note: There is one optional course of action you may attempt. If you were able to cast Monicom during the eclipse, return to Horen and buy as many troopers as you can afford to purchase. Then, on your way back to the time door, be sure to stop at the magic field (m) while the eclipse is still in effect. (If you're worried about the eclipse wearing off, visit the magic field first, and then hire Troopers.) Plant a Rupia Seed, return to the present, and visit the magic field again to gain back most or all of the money you just spent hiring Troopers.

Mooroon present returned[edit]

  1. Once back in the present, don't forget to visit the magic field (m) again if you happened to plant a Rupia Seed during a solar eclipse. Otherwise (or after doing so), head due north from the dock to reach the town of Poponoll.
  2. The people of Poponoll seem happy. They have a lot of information to share with you concerning Faruk.
Poponoll layout
Dogos Casino
This door leads to Dogos' residence. Dogos is a wise old woman who informs you that the palace can be found below water, and that you must have Faruk along with you before you attempt to jump in the water. You will have better luck at winning in the casino if there is an eclipse. Otherwise, your chances of winning are not so great. Whether you choose to gamble your hard earned Rupias is up to you.
You can stay here for the price of 20 Rupias.
  1. After you have explored Poponoll, exit the town, head to the east and begin to follow the trail that leads to the north. You will arrive at the North Cape. Provided you have Faruk with you, it is safe for you to jump into the water.
  2. Mooroon present underwater
    You will land on the left side of the underwater area. Immediately to your left is the Aqua Palace (!), but you must explore the area to the right before you enter the palace. Swim to the right, and you will soon reach the town of Horen (F), which now lies completely underwater. Speak to the mermaids here and they will inform you that to enter the palace, you need the assistance of Kebabu.
Horen layout
Shop Kebabu --
Besides bread and mashroob for 20 Rupias (or 10 with a discount), you can buy keys and horns for 40 Rupias (or 20 with a discount). While you don't necessarily need either, keys are useful if you wish to back track through the palace, and the horn is useful if you wish to avoid a tough battle against guardian statues. The door here leads to the home of Kebabu. Kebabu is very proper and does not like signs of disrespect. Say no when she asks you if you've ever tried to pick up a girl or she will not associate with you. When she joins, she informs you of the Mirror Shield that she gives to you. She does not inform you of the Ring which she also gives you, which has the power to evacuate you from otherwise inescapable boss battles.
Escape tunnel Troopers
The stairwell that you find here is actually a portal back to North Cape. Do not use it unless you intend to visit any of the previous towns or return to the past. You may still hire Troopers here at a rate of four per 100 Rupias.
  1. Once you have Kebabu, you may swim back across to the left to reach the Aqua Palace.

Aqua Palace[edit]

Aqua Palace
  • You enter the Aqua Palace through the entrance at (a). Your goal is to travel down and around to the location of the boss at (b). If you purchased a map from Horen in the past, you will be able to see the basic shape of the palace on the subscreen.
  • Passage through the palace is not all that different from traveling through the outdoors. You will predominantly encounter thieves throughout the palace. It is also possible to encounter turn battles as you travel along.
  • Keep the healing spell of Pampoo available as you fight enemies. You must be careful of falling into pits of water that appear here and there.
  • Once screen above the entrance is a small corridor containing a Hebel house. Hebels can only be defeated with a sword, just like the house they are generated from.
  • Some doors will lock behind you. In order to open them, you must use up a key.
  • When you reach the room that contains two statues, switch to the Horn if you purchased one, face one of the statues, and throw the horn at it. If you hit, the door above the statues will immediately open, and you will not have to fight them. If you do not have a horn, you must touch the door or a statue and they will come to life. Defeat the statues in order to open the door.
  • Once you pass the statues, you are only two rooms away from the boss. Heal up and cast Defenee on yourself before you enter.

Palace Boss: Gilga[edit]

Gilga's first form
  1. When you first arrive, Gilga will appear before you as a set of eight eyes. They are only vulnerable to attack when they are completely wide open. You cannot get close enough to them to hit them with your sword, so you must use a rod. It is no terrible loss if you are a Fighter and not a Magician at this time, since you can still use the regular Rod and not the enhanced Flame rod as a Fighter. You simply won't be able to attack as quickly. In this form Gilga, can cast Thunder which can harm you for 10 HP if you don't cast Defenee on yourself. Each eye must be hit two times before they close in order to be defeated.
  2. Gilga's second form
    Once you have destroyed all eight eyes, Gilga will reveal his second form. In this form, he has only three eyes in large shells. The good news is that he is unable to close these eyes and therefore unable to avoid your attacks. The bad news is that he constantly fires projectiles at you which do a lot of damage. Occasionally Gilga will cast Stone magic on you. Even though it says you bounce it back (thanks to the Mirror Shield), you will still take damage from the attack. You will lose Defenee in the transition so be sure to cast it again. Then fire the rod at each eye. Try to focus on one at a time while avoiding the projectiles, in order to remove them as effectively as possible.

As soon as you defeat Gilga, you will be promoted to level 5 if you did not achieve level 5 already. You will rescue the first of Sheherazade's sisters, Ashelato. Then Sabaron will introduce himself to you and threaten you. You will then be treated to a cut scene of yourself, Coronya, Faruk, and Kebabu flying on a magic carpet to the world of the next chapter, Desert World Alalart.