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Alalart present[edit]

Alalart east
  1. You begin the second chapter right outside of the town of Malart (A). Head inside to learn about the demon Curly, the maze desert to the west which only Supica can lead you through, and the town Copanes to the east.
Malart layout
It is highly recommended that you become a Magician if you are not already.
Bread, Mashroob, and Carpets are 20 Rupias, Rupia Seeds cost 100, and don't try to ask for a discount.
  1. Since the townsfolk did nothing but warn you about entering the desert to the west without Supica, start making your way into the desert to the east. While wandering through the desert, your health will begin to slowly drain. Have the Pampoo spell handy to restore your health if it gets too low. As you pass through the desert, you will encounter a few new enemies such as desert chameleons and the Kural and Keral enemies. The Kural jump completely out of the sand and bounce around. The Keral are completely stationary, but they can only be wounded with a blade.
  2. Your ultimate goal, Copanes (B), is found to the north east of Malart. You could stick to the outer edges of the desert and make your way around to the opposite corner, but there are a few places worth investigating. If you follow the lower border, you will eventually discover the magic field (m). If you plant a Rupia Seed in the past during an eclipse, remember to return here on your way back to collect money. A little more out of the way is a location one screen south and east of the north-west corner of this desert. If you use Oprin here, you will discover a stair case (!). Inside is a wise man who will teach you the magic of Raincom. If you cast Raincom during a solar eclipse, you will summon rain that will remove the heat of the desert and prevent you from losing health as you explore.
  3. Once you reach Copanes, head inside to learn more clues about the region. Outside the shop, you will learn that Supica can only be found if you travel 500 years into the past.
Copanes layout
Gun Meca Shop
Gun Meca appears to be more interested in translating an ancient language known as Peke Peke than in joining your party. It contains the same items as the shop in Malart, but at elevated prices. Even though you can ask for a discount here, most items are still cheaper in Malart.
You can stay the night at for 20 Rupias.
  1. After collecting new information, it's time to explore the desert region to the south of Copanes. There are no surprises to discover, and you won't encounter anything that you didn't see traveling through the first desert. Your goal is to make it to the east side of the southern end of the desert where you will discover a time door (t) if you cast Oprin. Head inside to travel into Alalart's past.

Alalart past[edit]

Alalart past
  1. As you can see, Alalart wasn't always a desert. 500 years ago, Alalart was home to a lush forest. It also contains an interesting feature. Once you arrive through the time door (t), if you travel west and then north, you will arrive at an MP field. If you stand in the center of the star, all of your MP will be restored. Cast Pampoo until you are fully healed before stepping on the star.
  2. The south-eastern region of the forest can largely be ignored, although it's not a bad idea to explore it in search of enemies to fight and gain experience. You should be able to reach level 7 relatively quickly. You will meet a few new enemies, such as the carnivorous Gol flowers. Some familiar enemies will have new tricks. Some seemingly normal thieves and wasps will transform into different creatures when they are attacked. Continue your attack until they completely defeated.
  3. Your first goal in the past is to arrive in the town of Alart (C). However, when you arrive, all of the townspeople will be speaking a different language. Continue to explore the town until Coronya exclaims that he met a translator robot in Copanes, then walk into the building above and try to talk to the man inside (this must happen or Gun Meca will not join you.) Once this happen, you can return to the time door (t), return to the present, and return to Copanes (B) where you must talk with Gun Meca again. He will be so excited by your discovery, he will volunteer to join you. You can now form the Libra formation. Then return to the time door and return to Alart. (You may choose to use Carpets to make this process faster.)
  4. Back in Alart, Gun Meca will translate all that the people have to say to you.
Alart Magic University
  1. The Libra Course is all about how you should use the Libra formation against the Air Squad. If you successfully pass the exam, you will obtain the next blade, the Dragoon.
  2. The Raincom Course teaches you about the spell Raincom, and how you may obtain it from a Wise Man 500 years in the future. You will obtain the next rod, the Stardust, for completing the course.
Alart layout
Lah Hotel Mosque
The villagers seem to think Lah is stingy, a label he deeply resents. If you reply "no" when he asks if you think he is stingy, he will reward you with the magic boots, and reveal that Supica is locked away in a southern maze. This hotel charges 20 Rupias per night.
Shop Magic University (Oprin)
This shop is very affordable, selling bread, mashroob, and carpets for 20 Rupias, and the Map which goes for 40. Don't ask for a discount here. If you cast Oprin here, you will find the second Magic University. Admission is 50 Rupias, and each course is 20 Rupias. See the sidebar to the right for more information.
  1. From Alart, make your way to the west, and then south. If you travel south all the way, you will reach a magic field (m). If you are fortunate enough to arrive during a solar eclipse, be sure to plant a Rupia Seed here, and return to the future to reap the rewards. Your goal is to explore the cave (!) located to the west. Cast Oprin to find it when Coronya advises you.

Southern maze[edit]

Southern maze
  • The southern maze is considerably bigger than the cave in the first chapter, and much less straight forward. You will have to travel through long passages to make progress through here. You begin at point (a).
  • Once again, Bones wander thruogh much of the maze and serve as a good source of experience points. You should easily reach level 8 by this point.
  • The greatest source of frustration in this cave will be the hidden pitfalls place along the long corridor down the middle of the cave. If you trigger a pitfall, you will land in an isolated room with a staircase that leads back to the outside. While the pitfalls are hidden, they are always found in two particular spots. A pitfall is always located on the left side of the corridor around the middle of the screen, and another pitfall is always located on the right side of the corridor near the top. Therefore, the safest way to proceed through the corridor is to travel along the right side of the corridor until you are just above half way, and then switch to the left side before continuing the rest of the way up. To help, use the pathways on the left and right sides of the corridor to help line yourself up.
  • After you reach the top of the long corridor, head to the right and visit the room above point (b). You will locate Supica, and he will join your party. Now you can exit the cave (the pitfalls can actually serve as a shortcut), and head back to the time door so that you can return to the present.

Alalart present returned[edit]

Alalart west
  1. With Supica in your party, you are now ready to traverse the maze desert to the west of Malart (A). Return to Malart (using a Carpet if you like), and head to the east. If you planted a Rupia Seed, don't forget to visit the magic field in the eastern desert, although you may wish to visit the next town first to hire some Troopers before you do so.
  2. Once you enter the maze desert, Supica will appear on the screen, and travel in one particular direction. As long as you follow Supica, you will successfully navigate the maze desert. If you do not follow him, you will become lost, and walk aimlessly through an endless desert (walk south to return to the path to Malart.)
  3. Provided you follow Supica and use the correct path, you will arrive right outside of Sudari (D) town, which has an unusual arrangment. Most of the points of interest in the front portion of town are hidden from view. A secret staircase leads to an underground tunnel that takes you to the back portion of the town.
Sudari layout
Shop Casino
The shop here sells Bread and Mashroob for 20 Rupias, or 10 with a discount, and Horns and Keys for 40 Rupias, or 30 with a discount.
Underground Tunnel
Both portions of the town can be seen here, although they do not connect. You actually need to jump over the squatting man if you wish to talk to the other gentleman on the screen (who says nothing of importance.)
Underground Tunnel (Oprin) Hotel
Use Oprin here to reveal the staircase that leads to the underground tunnel which connects the back portion of the town with the front portion. It costs 30 Rupias to stay here for the night. Do so before you visit the Dark Palace.
Troopers (Oprin) Shop (Oprin)
If you planted a Rupia Seed in the past during a solar eclipse, you may wish to come here first and hire as many Troopers as you can afford before visiting the magic field in the present and collecting your money. Use Oprin to find this shop. It has Bread, Mashroob, and Carpets for 60 Rupias (30 with a discount) and Rupia Seeds for 100 (or 50).
  1. As you may have gathered, Epin is very important to the people of Sudari, and he is being held captive in the Dark Palace. It should be your next destination. (It's very wise to purchase as much Mashroob as possible before you head for the palace.) From Sudari, head west and follow the north path until you reach the palace. Along the way, Coronya will advise you to cast Oprin. If you do, you will find a woman who offers you 50 Rupias in support of your attempt to defeat Sabaron.

Dark Palace[edit]

Dark Palace
  • The Dark Palace is not much bigger than the Aqua Palace from the previous chapter, and it is actually a lot more straightforward. If you arrive here during a solar eclipse, you will truly understand why this place is called the Dark Palace.
  • You will predominantly face thieves throughout the whole palace, although there is one Hebel corridor. You must also be careful to navigate around the damage tiles. If you must cross them, do so quickly or simply jump over them.
  • There is only one location that offers you two directions to choose from. When you reach this location, be sure to explore the right path before heading through the door in order to locate Epin at (b). When you reach this empty room, cast Oprin and you will find the stairs which lead to Epin's cell. Rescue him and he will happily join you as an ally. You can now form the Aeries formation.
  • Once you have Epin, return to the fork in your path, and begin heading up through the door. You will find a room with three statues. Remember to throw a Horn at one of them to avoid a fight with them and open the door. Head through, and prepare for the boss fight by healing and casting Defenee.

Palace Boss: Curly[edit]

Curly's first form
  1. Like the boss of the first chapter, Curly has two different forms. However, while Curly's forms are not very different in appearance, they are quite different in strategy. The key to beating Curly's first form may seem a little unintuitive. She will just sit there, and no rod or sword attacks will have any effect on her. The only attack which is effective against her is the Flamol1 spell. It takes 20 MP to cast, and if you're low on MP, you will begin to use up your Mashroob supply. If you run out of MP and Mashroob, you will have no choice but to use the Ring to escape the battle and return to a town to rest up and buy more Mashroob. After you cast Flamol1 on Curly, she may retaliate with a damaging star spell of her own. It takes around 8 Flamol1 spells to defeat Curlyu's first form.
  2. Curly's second form
    Once you have damaged Curly with enough Flamol1 spells, Epin will appear and use his whistle to reveal Curly's true form. In this form, she has six arms which lob star projectiles straight down at you. She moves back and forth as she waves her arms around. You must use a rod to shoot at her arms. When an arm takes enough damage, it disappears. Sometimes she casts a spell of restoration, and may regenerate an arm as a result, but it doesn't always appear to have an effect. Once you destroy all six arms completely, Curly will be defeated.

Once Curly is defeated, you will be promoted to level 10 if you did not reach it already. You will rescue the second of Sheherazade's sisters, Ishutal. You will then see the dialog between your rapidly expanding party as they fly on a magic carpet to the world of the next chapter, Forest World Samalkand.