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Celestern present[edit]

Celestern present
  1. Compared to previous chapters, the world in this chapter is much larger, but your progress through it will be much more straight forward. As long as you accomplish all the tasks that are required of you in the present, you will have no need to return from the past. You begin the chapter outside of the town of Yufla. Most of the citizens will be concerned with the might and power of the demon Salamander.
Yufla layout
Casino Hotel
This hotel charges 30 Rupias per night.
Shop Troopers (Oprin)
This is an expensive shop, with bread, mashroob, and carpets selling for 60 Rupias, and Rupia Seeds costing 100, but you can ask for a half-off discount. Cast Oprin here to find the secret entrance of the Trooper's hiring station.
  1. There's only one path to take from Yufla. It leads to the west, and a little to the north above a river, until it comes back down and places you at the entrance to a desert. The desert situation here is just like in Chapter 2; you will slowly lose health as you wander around, unless you happen to cast Spricom during a solar eclipse. While you wander around the desert, you may wish to visit the oasis in the center, which you must access from the right side, and then from above. In the south west corner of the island (!), you can cast Oprin to find a lady who will support you with 50 Rupias.
  2. From the desert, your first goal is the town of Pao. To reach it, you must wander down the east side of the desert until you can escape to the right. You will actually pass through the magic field of Chapter 4. Remember this location if you decide to plant a Rupia Seed in the past. Continue east and then follow the path through the woods. Along the way, you will find an excellent opportunity to fight trees and collect experience points. You can reach level 18 if you collect 7200. If you're patient enough to reach 10800 experience points, you can reach level 20, the maximum level for this chapter. It will really pay off during the boss battle.
  3. Continue to make your way through the woods until you reach Pao (B). You won't learn a lot in this very small town, but you will find a Magic University, where you will earn the powerful Crystal Rod.
Kasimeel Magic University
  1. The Kaitos Course is all about how you should use the Kaitos formation against the Magma Regiment. There is no reward for successfully passing the exam.
  2. The Moscom Course teaches you about the spell Moscom , and how you may obtain it from a Wise Man 3000 years in the past. You will obtain the Crystal Rod for completing the course.
Pao layout
Magic University Shop
This is the main reason to visit this town. By completing the Moscom course, you will earn the next magic rod. This shop sells the typical tools useful in palaces. Carpets are 20 Rupias while Keys, Horns, and Amulets are 40 apiece, and don't ask for a discount.
  1. From Pao, you will return to the desert, travel to its southern edge, and take the south path out of the desert. This will lead you straight to the next town, the town of Chigris (C). You will hear a tremendous amount of concern for Gubibi, who it seems was kidnapped and taken to the palace.
Chigris layout
Mosque Shop
The shop here does not offer a discount, but is relatively cheap, and sells a Map for 40 Rupias
One night's stay costs 40 Rupias.
  1. Based on all the concern for Gubibi, your next destination should be the Fire Palace (D) which is not far from your current location. On your way there, you will face quite a number of tougher enemies, such as the wind blowing Wizard and the flame wielding Abiru. Be careful not to let the Wizard blow you off the narrow ledges and into the lava below.

Yufla Palace[edit]

Fire Palace
  • As you can see by looking at the map, Yufla Palace isn't all that big, at least in this time period. The truth is you're only here to accomplish one task anyway.
  • Immediate above the entrance (a) is a room (b) where you must cast Oprin. Stairs will appear and below will be the capture Gubibi who will quite readily join your party for the chance to defeat Sabaron. He will also give you the Holy Robe which will be required in the past.
  • Once you have Gubibi, there really is nothing left to do. Even if you attempt to enter the boss room at (c), all you will find is a fire field where flames will cross back and forth in the room. You will lose health due to the heat, and your only means of escape is to use the ring. Don't waste your time or your health. Exit the palace once you have Gubibi.
  1. With Gubibi in tow, it's time to find the time door and travel 3000 years into the past. It's not far from the palace at all. Return to the ledge that leads back to Chigris, and take the southern detour to a wide open platform where you must cast Oprin. Head down the stairs and go through the door to Celestern's past.

Celestern past[edit]

Celestern past
  1. You will arrive in the past right in front of the town of Farvil (E). This screen serves as both the entrance to the town and the location of the time door (t). In Farvil, you will find that the towns occupants are actually fairies. They warn you about the birth of the fire demon Salamander, and give you information about Rainy's location in Lava Town.
Farvil layout
You will shortly have the need to become a Fighter if you aren't one already, so it would be a good idea to change now.
This is a cheap shop, all standard items costing 20 Rupias, and seeds costing 100, with a discount available.
  1. Once you're done in Farvil, you must begin to make your way to the lava fields up north. Start by heading west to the water, than north and back to the east until you cross the second bridge. The harsh land that you arrive in is quite large, but relatively featureless. North of the entrance, you can cast Oprin to find the magic field (m). However, if you plant a seed here, you will have to return to the present to claim the reward. Further north and far to the west, you can find another place to cast Oprin (!). If you do not possess Raincom at this time, a Wise man will teach it to you again here, but it is useless at this point.
  2. Your goal is to travel as far north west as possible until you reach the location marked (F) on the map. If you pass through this area, you will find another cape like the one found in chapter 1. You should only attempt to jump in the lava here if you have the Holy Robe, which you should have received when you rescue Gubibi. As long as you have it, jump in, and swim through the lava to the right until you reach the under-lava town of Lava.
  3. In Lava, you will find yet another town that is occupied by creatures other than humans. The crustaceans that live down here talk about Rainy and what a coward he is. Your goal is to convince him to join your party, but he won't be swayed by anything other than the bravest Fighter.
Lava layout
You can only convince Rainy to join if you are a fighter, and if you answer "No" to his questions about ever being scared.
This is a stair case that you can use to return to the surface above the lava.
  1. Once Rainy joins your team, take the stairs in the lower part of town back to the surface. At this point, it would benefit you greatly to return to Farvil and use the Mosque to transform into a Magician, as Salamander will be incredibly difficult to beat as any other class. You can use a carpet to speed up the process. You might also return to the present if you planted a Rupia Seed in the magic field during an eclipse.
  2. As a Magician with Rainy in your party, you are finally prepared to go up against Salamander. It's time to head to the location of Yufla palace in the past (G). You can take a carpet back to Cape to speed the trip up, but it's not necessary. From cape, go south, east, and then follow the path to the north. Once you cross the bridge over the lava, it's a relatively straight shot to the palace. There is a Magic Star along the way where you can restore your MP. Cast Pampoo until your health is restore before standing on the star. Then continue on the last bit of the trip to reach the palace.

Yufia Palace[edit]

Yufia Palace
  • In addition to being quite large, covering three floors, Yufla Palace of the past is a very dangerous place. There is the potential to get in up to three fights with transformation mini-bosses. These fights can result in instant death if you are not careful to avoid the objects that they throw. The closer you can get to level 20, the better off you will be.
  • You begin at (a) in the lower left hand corner of the first floor. There are two paths to take, one going up and one going right. The path going up leads to the first, and only optional mini-boss fight against Warhammer. If you do not do well in these fights, you would be best off avoiding it entirely and take the right path.
  • Either way that you choose, your goal is to reach the upper right hand corner of the floor, where you will find stairs (b) that take you to the upper right hand corner of the second floor (c).
  • The second floor is divided by a big lava flow across the floor. There are two occasions to use Oprin on this floor, but both are on the southern side of the lava flow. The first is in the very center of the floor (d), where you will find an expensive, but potential useful shop if your low on the usual supplies. The other is in the upper left hand corner of the floor. If you use Oprin here, you will find the lost sword of the hero Rostam. It's nice to have, but may not help you out all that much.
    • Be very careful when you exit from the staircases you reveal with Oprin. The game will deposit you back on the screen extremely close to the lava, and you can easily fall in if you do not notice where you are standing before you attempt to move.
  • To advance to the top floor, you must reach the stairs in the lower left hand corner of the second floor (e), and you will arrive on the third floor at (f). There are a few different paths to take, but there aren't many rooms to explore. One goal before you reach the boss should be to visit the door at (g). As long as you have a key to open it, you will finally meet the wise man who will teach you the spell of Moscom, which can summon a mosque and allow you to change your class or revive a fallen ally, even inside of the palace provided it's during a solar eclipse.
  • After you visit the wise man at (g), you must make your way to the boss room. Along the way, you will encounter two forced mini-boss fights, both against Barzil. It is extremely important that you focus on avoiding the boss' projectiles so that you don't transform and potentially get killed. After the second Barzil fight, be sure to take some time and restore your health before you advance to Salamander's room (h).

Palace Boss: Salamander[edit]

Salamander rising
  1. Even in his infancy, Salamander is gigantic and extremely powerful. He only has one form, but it's a form that must be summoned over and over again. After a little while, Salamander will retreat to recover, and Rainy will have to use his rain power to reawaken him and make him return. As a result, this can be a very long fight if you are unlucky and can't strike his eyes with bullets from your magic rod frequently enough. Every time he retreats, he gains back a little life.
  2. Salamander sinking
    While active, Salamander will slide back and forth making it rain flames from the ceiling. Try to avoid getting hit by the flames, but your primary focus should be firing as frequently up at his eyes as you can before he gets tired and decides to retreat. Before he does, he typically burns you with fire magic once. While he is sinking, you are frozen in place. Although you are forced to wait throughout much of the fight, be sure to take some time to heal between each battle unless you have a large supply of bread. If you strike him in the eyes quickly enough, you will eventually whittle away at his health and defeat him.

Once Salamander is defeated, you will be promoted to level 20 if you did not reach it already. You will rescue Sheherazade's father, King Feisal. You will then return to the present time of Celestern. As you do, you will see another cutscene with all your allies flying through the cosmos as they prepare for the final battle with Sabaron.