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In addition to the main character which you are in control of throughout the game, you will slowly assemble a crew of teammates as you travel across the land, and to distant periods of time. Below are descriptions of all the people you will meet and befriend on your journey.

Sheherazade portrait Coronya.png Coronya Sheherazade portrait Faruk.png Faruk
Sheherazade character Coronya.png

Coronya is a mystical time spirit who takes the form of a cat. She is the one ally who finds you at the beginning of the game, as opposed to the other way around. Her help is invaluable. Not only does she help guide you on your quest, she is capable of detecting hidden staircases, and will instruct you to cast OPRIN when you approach one. She attacks with a Rod and can cast DEFENEE and MYMY. Along with Faruk, she can form the CYGNUS formation which can cast GYGATORN.

Sheherazade character Faruk.png

Faruk is a loyal servant of Isfa, who is waiting for you in the past of the first chapter. He will readily join you, and is a capable fighter. He can attack twice per turn, in addition to casting GILZADE. He is the only ally that is a member of two formations. With Coronya, he can form the CYGNUS formation and cast GYGATORN. However, after you collect Hassan at the end of the game, Faruk can team up with Hassan to make the DRAGON formation and cast FIREBOLT.

Sheherazade portrait Kebabu.png Kebabu Sheherazade portrait Gun Meca.png Gun Meca
Sheherazade character Kebabu.png

As a woman with the body of a bird, Kebabu most resembles the mythological creature known as a Harpy. She is quite a proper person and does not appreciate inappropriateness or selfishness. That being said, she is dedicated to your quest. She attacks with a Magic Arrow, and can cast BOLTTOR and SEAL. She is part of the LIBRA formation along with Gun Meca, which casts MONIBURN.

Sheherazade character Gun Meca.png

A robot with a Yen symbol emblazoned on his chest, Gun Meca's only interest is in the study of ancient languages. He will have no interest in aiding you until you can provide him with a worthwhile distraction, namely the opportunity to study an ancient language in person and translate it for you. In battle he has a regular attack along with the ability to transform into a mirror which reflects enemy spells, and he can cast BOLTTOR. He is also forms the LIBRA formation with Kebabu, which casts MONIBURN.

Sheherazade portrait Supica.png Supica Sheherazade portrait Epin.png Epin
Sheherazade character Supica.png

Supica appears to be a flying squirrel. He has a fun-loving and sometimes mischievous nature which can get him into trouble. However, if you rescue him, he will return the favor by guiding you through an otherwise impassable desert. Not a particularly strong fight, he shoots a Magic Arrow, and can cast SEAL. By joining up with Epin, he can form the ARIES formation which casts the TORNADOR spell.

Sheherazade character Epin.png

Epin appears to me a magical puppet who has long served a role as a town guardian until he was captured and held prisoner in a castle due to his ability to expose the weakness of the ruling demon. Another poor fighter, he is also capable of casting DEFENEE, as well as forming the ARIES formation with Supica to cast TORNADOR.

Sheherazade portrait Pukin.png Pukin Sheherazade portrait Mustafa.png Mustafa
Sheherazade character Pukin.png

Pukin is a magical doll who can only be crafted by a particular wise man from the past out of the fruit of a Cimaron Tree. While he himself is not tremendously useful, he does come with the Cimaron Rod which lights your way through the darkness of an underground maze. He is an average fighter, but he does have the ability to reveal hidden enemies through the use of the VELVER spell. He can also join with Mustafa to create the SIRIUS formation and cast the STARDON spell.

Sheherazade character Mustafa.png

Mustafa is an old sage who rides atop a floating crystal ball. Unlike all the other allies, Mustafa won't join you unless you agree to pay him. Most of his thoughts are only of money. However, despite this character flaw, he is a useful and capable fighter. He can reveal the true form of one of the bosses that you must fight, and he possesses the MYMY and BOLTTOR2 spells. By joining Pukin in the SIRIUS formation, he can cast STARDON.

Sheherazade portrait Gubibi.png Gubibi Sheherazade portrait Rainy.png Rainy
Sheherazade character Gubibi.png

Gubibi is likely the strangest ally that you obtain in your quest. He appears to be an animated bottle, and he must be rescued from the Fire Palace in the present in order to obtain the Holy Robe and investigate the world beneath the lava of the past. In battle, he can make use of the DEFENEE and RESEALO spells. He joins Rainy to form the KAITOS formation, which casts THUNDERN.

Sheherazade character Rainy.png

Rainy belongs to a clan known as the Rain Shrimp. He is quite timid and can only be convinced to leave his home by a capable fighter. He summons the rain by pounding on his rain drum, a technique that is employed against an otherwise invincible boss. Rainy won't impress anyone in battle, but he can cast the PERIUS and MATATO spells. MATATO is a valuable healing spell. Along with Gubibi, he can form the KAITOS formation to cast THUNDERN.

Sheherazade portrait Hassan.png Hassan Sheherazade portrait Trooper.png Trooper
Sheherazade character Hassan.png

Much like Faruk, Hassan is another genie loyal to Isfa. He is the final ally that you will obtain in the game, so you don't have a long time to get to know him. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to have him on your team, not only for his strong fighting abilities and the FLAMOL3 and CARABA spells that he can cast, but also because he gives you access to the sixth formation. Along with Faruk, he can make the DRAGON formation which casts the FIREBOLT spell.

Sheherazade character Trooper.png

Troopers are not allies that join your party, but rather mercenary bulldogs that you hire at a rate of 4 per 100 Rupias. Up to four of them will launch into battle and take hits for you and attack the enemies unless you choose to use a formation spell. They are strong offensively, but weak defensively and tend to go down easily. They are expensive to hire, and you can easily play through the game without their assistance. However, if you have a lot of money and are looking to burn some, there are worse things to spend it on than Troopers.

Character class triangle[edit]

This diagram summarizes the abilities of the characters.

  • TOP: Characters who can only attack.
  • BOTTOM: Characters with several abilites.
  • LEFT: Characters with healing and/or support abilities.
  • RIGHT: Characters with debuff abilities.

Since four Troopers automatically take part in every combat, you might want to choose two allies that are far away from them in the diagram below.

MagicScheherazade RPGtriangle.PNG