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Field enemies[edit]

Wasp Yanri Piranha
Sheherazade enemy wasp.png

Wasps may occupy various open fields. They fly around the screen in no particular direction.

Sheherazade enemy yanri.png

Some wasps may be disguised as yanri, while other yanri simply appear out in the open. Wasps disguised as yanri need to be hit twice, once to reveal them and again to kill them.

Sheherazade enemy pirahna.png

Piranha like to lie in wait besides bridges and leap out of the water to catch a meal. They also swim around in lakes.

Thief Fana Merman
Sheherazade enemy thief.png

Thieves are a common enemy to encounter in the beginning of the game. They hop out from bushes to ambush the hero, and they typically throw stones at him.

Sheherazade enemy fana.png

Fana are demons that like to disguise themselves as human thieves. To kill them, you must first hit them once to remove their disguise.

Sheherazade enemy merman.png

Merman are commonly found lying in deep bodies of water. They hop out of the water just long enough to spit a projectile at the hero, before splashing back down.

Gol Kodama Oodama
Sheherazade enemy gol.png

These flowers may look peaceful at first, but they reveal themselves to be bloodthirsty plants that like to cling to any prey that crosses their path. Shake them off if they grab hold of you.

Sheherazade enemy kodama.png

The Kodama are living tree trunks that like to bounce around and attack any intruders who dare to enter their woods. They protect the Oodama by ganging up on people.

Sheherazade enemy oodama.png

The Oodama is a large tree which, if struck down, splits apart into three individual Kodamas. Before you split it up, it has the ability to temporarily freeze the hero.

Kural Keral Chameleon
Sheherazade enemy kural.png

Kurals are a powerful type of desert creature which burrows in the sand and tries to take intruders by surprise by leaping out of the ground and bouncing around.

Sheherazade enemy keral.png

The Keral are a specied of Kurals that do not leap out of the ground. Instead, they simply raise their tail above the sand in hopes of catching prey that wander close by. They are resistant to magic and can only be killed with a sword.

Sheherazade enemy chameleon.png

The Chameleon is only found in the wastelands of the past. They have a high tendency to blend in with their surroundings, and won't move a muscle until someone sets foot on the ash they stand upon.

Boulder Log Fencer
Sheherazade enemy boulder.png

Boulders fall from the top left corner of the screen, and make their way to the bottom right corner. They bounce down along the screen as they go. They cannot be defeated, only avoided.

Sheherazade enemy log.png

Logs behave in an identical manner to boulders, they are simply found in different locations. They always appear in groups of three and no weapons are effective against them, so stay out of their way.

Sheherazade enemy fencer.png

Fencers are small creatures which are commanded by Sabaron to patrol the area surrounding his palace. As a result, you do not see them until later in the game. They behave much like Fanas.

Grim Reaper Wizard Abiru
Sheherazade enemy grim reaper.png

If you remain on certain screens for too long, especially in extremely hot or cold environments, the Grim Reaper shows up to prematurely collect you. Although very high in health, they are not particularly difficult to hit. After several strikes, you can defeat them and they are likely to leave a money bag behind.

Sheherazade enemy wizard.png

Wizards are masters of the air. They command gusts of wind with a stroke of their wand. Sometimes the wind is so strong, it can prevent you from approaching them. They are vulnerable to the sword, but rod attacks are best.

Sheherazade enemy abiru.png

Abirus are a type of fire demon who like to surround themselves with a rotating ring of flame. They send the ring out quite a distance before pulling it back in close. That is your chance to get inside and attack.

Red Bone Blue Bone Hebel
Sheherazade enemy bone red.png

Bones are creatures which prefer the dark and wander around underground mazes. These three eyed creatures run around in an effort to trample intruders, but they have the ability to blink out of sight and appear somewhere else later on.

Sheherazade enemy bone blue.png

Blue Bones behave identically to Red Bones, except that they are a little faster, and are far more likely to shoot projectiles at the hero. Destroy them before they have a chance to get the upper hand or disappear.

Sheherazade enemy hebel.png

Hebels appear continuously from little huts that are strategically placed in corridors. A number of them will come streaming out, and more will appear to replace those which you have defeated, until you strike at the very hut that creates them. They are only vulnerable to your sword.

Red Rabita Blue Rabita Rodian
Sheherazade enemy rabita red.png

Rabitas have the appearance of long floating dragon-like creatures. Their body segments appear to be made up of eyeballs. They float back and forth over the floor of a room and must typically be defeated in order to unlock the door which they are guarding.

Sheherazade enemy rabita blue.png

Red Rabitas are pretty much identical to their blue cousins. They are a bit stronger, but you don't encounter them until you're close to the end of the game, and have accumulated quite a lot of power.

Sheherazade enemy rodian.png

Rodians are magical statues which have been enchanted to guard the boss of each palace. If they, or the door they guard, are disturbed, they come to life and attempt to kill any intruders. However, one item is said to be able to break the spell over them, and it comes in the form of a horn.

Transformation mini-bosses[edit]

Changral Mardul
Sheherazade enemy changral.png
Sheherazade enemy changral helper.png

Changral is the first transformation mini-boss that you will meet inside of a palace. He throws bombs at you which have a chance of transforming you into a cake. If you do not revert back before Changral's helpers reach you, they will devour you in cake form!

Sheherazade enemy mardul.png
Sheherazade enemy mardul helper.png

Mardul is a wizard who occupies an overgrown flower which he can spin about and close the petals of. The smaller leaves that he sends forth can transform you into an inchworm. If the two broom assistants catch up with you in this form, they will instantly end your life.

Warhammer Barzil
Sheherazade enemy warhammer.png
Sheherazade enemy warhammer helper.png

Warhammer is a crazy magician who combines engineering with magic. He has two animated hammers for helpers who look for anything to crush. Warhammer will transform you into a skull if you are not careful. If you don't become human again fast enough, you might get crushed beneath a hammer.

Sheherazade enemy barzil.png
Sheherazade enemy barzil helper.png

Barzil is the last and the strongest of all the transformation mini-bosses. He can transform you into not one, but two different forms. If you become a bouncing ball, you might be able to bounce away from the oncoming flames, but if he transforms you into a rocket you will remain stationary until you revert.

Battle enemies[edit]

Meldo Derol Blimro
Sheherazade enemy meldo.png
Health: 4 HP

These very basic enemies are not strong individually, but they like to summon allies to the fight to strengthen their numbers. They can cast Pampoo to heal small wounds.

Sheherazade enemy derol.png
Health: 12 HP

Although they appear late in the game, and team up with the powerful Gigadans to create the Fire Party, like their Meldo cousins they are considerably weak.

Sheherazade enemy blimro.png
Health: 3 HP

Another weak enemy that can summon allies to the fight. By itself, they are easy to defeat, but watch out when they appear with Medusas to form the Magic Squad. It can drain your MP.

Samrima Kakkara Berlah
Sheherazade enemy samrima.png
Health: 3 HP

Even weaker than Meldos, although these lizard-like enemies have some bite. They too can summon allies to the fight if there are available positions to fill.

Sheherazade enemy kakkara.png
Health: 12 HP

Though stronger than Samrimas, they still don't pose much of a threat. They will summon allies to join the fight, but by the time you meet them, you should be plenty strong enough to handle them.

Sheherazade enemy berlah.png
Health: 12 HP

Although slightly stronger than Blimros, they are still considerably weak. When they appear, however, with a Gorgon in Magic Squads, they enhance the power of the Gorgon.

Amaries Wazarn Gigadan
Sheherazade enemy amaries.png
Health: 12 HP

True creatures of the water, they may appear alone or with Corsas as Basido Squads. They can summon a wave of water which crashes on the entire party, damaging everyone.

Sheherazade enemy wazarn.png
Health: 54 HP

Like Amaries, these water creatures cast Gilzade and summon crashing waves. Unlike Amaries, they can also summon a powerful rain spell. They appear with Zahharks in Basido Divisions (which can cast Firebolt), and Razaleos in Zodor Divisions.

Sheherazade enemy gigadan.png
Health: 72 HP

Not quite as content in the water as they are in lava, they are more fire based, and cast Flamol3 on your party. They appear with Derols in the Fire Party.

Corsa Megarl Zahhark
Sheherazade enemy corsa.png
Health: 16 HP

These double faced creatures contribute to the Basido Squads with Amaries, and to Air Squads with Pandarms. They fight with Magic Rods, and are capable of casting Seal to prevent you from using magic.

Sheherazade enemy megarl.png
Health: 42 HP

Megarls are a stronger variant of Corsas, possessing more magical ability. Appearing with Cytrons in the Fire Squad, they can cast Mymy in addition to Seal, or cast Pampoo to heal wounds.

Sheherazade enemy zahhark.png
Health: 76 HP

Ever strong, these creatures continue to prevent attacks with Seal and Mymy. They can also cast Silleit to reflect your magic back at you. Appears with Wazarns in Basido Divisions, and Pharyad in Air Division.

Curgot Dalzark Gorla
Sheherazade enemy curgot.png
Health: 10 HP

These powerfully armored creatures are strong, and they possess resistance to magic. Increase your defense around them and hit them with powerful attacks.

Sheherazade enemy dalzark.png
Health: 32 HP

Aside from being stronger and having more health, they are essentially the same as Curgots. Concentrate on hitting them with physical attacks, and forget about magic attacks.

Sheherazade enemy gorla.png
Health: 62 HP

These are the most powerful armored foes that you will meet. They are only found in the last chapter of the game and are quite rare to encounter.

Medusa Gorgon Gorgon
Sheherazade enemy medusa.png
Health: 24 HP

The famous creature from Greek mythology is a likely opponent in underground dungeons. They can turn you into stone which stops your movement and magic at once. When accompanied by a set of Blimros, she completes the Magic Squad. She attacks with a Magic Arrow.

Sheherazade enemy gorgon.png
Health: 88 HP

Even stronger than Medusas A more powerful version of Medusa which can still turn you into stone. They can also use Bolttor3 to attack your whole party. Unlike other enemies, they are slightly stronger when they appear in a formation.

Sheherazade enemy gorgonx.png
Health: 122 HP

When Gorgons are accompanied by Berlahs to make the Magic Squad, they gain some strength and change color. Make no mistake though, this is still the same dangerous foe as before.

Pandarm Pharyad Miniyad
Sheherazade enemy pandarm.png
Health: 16 HP

These bird men have the ability to fly off the ground and attack you from mid-air. When doing so, they are invulnerable to physical attacks. They can attack twice or cast Gilzade at your party. May arrive with Corsas in the Air Squad, or Romsarbs in the Gilas Squad.

Sheherazade enemy pharyad.png
Health: 54 HP

Stronger than the Pandarm, they are equally capable fighters who can fly into the air to avoid your physical attacks while striking you twice. They can also cast the devastating Bolttor3. May appear with Miniyads to make the Gilas Clan or with Zahharks to form the Air Division.

Sheherazade enemy miniyad.png
Health: 12 HP

Young Pharyads are as fearless as their parents, and routinely go on training missions with them. They are quite weak, and are easily dispatched.

Cytron Gazeil Gangar
Sheherazade enemy cytron.png
Health: 24 HP

Cytrons are another strong enemy. They appear with Megarls to form the Fire Squad. They can cast Flamol1 which burns your entire party.

Sheherazade enemy gazeil.png
Health: 36 HP

Fuel by more burning magic than Cytrons, Gazeils can cast Flamol3 at your party. In addition, they join Romsarbs to form the Magma Squad, which can use the team magic of Firebolt.

Sheherazade enemy gangar.png
Health: 54 HP

The ultimate form of this fire creature, they appear with Razaleos to make the Magma Division. They are susceptible to Thundern.

Romsarb Razaleo
Sheherazade enemy romsarb.png
Health: 54 HP

Romsarbs are a powerful enemy with great strength and health. They are gifted with magic and can cast Seal and Pampoo to extend the fight. They appear with Pandarms in the Gilas Squad, and Gazeils in the Magma Squad.

Sheherazade enemy razaleo.png
Health: 111 HP

An even more powerful evolution of the Romsarb, they take tremendous damage to defeat, and cast Seal to stop you from using magic. Appears with Wazarns in the Zodor Divisions and Gangars in the Magma Division.