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Bread Medicine Mashroob
Sheherazade item bread.png

Bread is used to revitalize any character who runs out of hit points. They are used up automatically just before the main character, or any ally, dies. You can hold up to ten loaves and they can be distributed to your teammates before battle.

Sheherazade item medicine.png

Medicine is another way to revitalize your main character. During battle, some enemies will leave these cups of medicine behind. Collect them before they disappear in order to restore 20 of your lost hit points.

Sheherazade item mashroob.png

Mashroob functions to restore lost magic points instead of health. Like bread, you can hold up to ten and they are divvied up among allies before battle. Collecting a cup in the field will not increment your mashroob inventory, but it will restore 20 magic points.

Rupia Money bag Rupia Seed
Sheherazade item rupia.png

Rupia is the currency in the land of Scheherazade's kingdom. Most defeated enemies will drop at least one coin, but there are many other ways to collect them. You can hold up to 999 Rupias at one time, and you use them in shops, hotels, mosques, and other occasions.

Sheherazade item moneybag.png

A money bag is a sack that holds 20 Rupias. They are uncommonly dropped from defeated enemies. If you see run, try to collect it before it disappears, but don't put yourself in danger to do so. Clear enemies away from it first.

Sheherazade item rseed.png

They say money doesn't grow on trees, but if you plant a Rupia tree in the past during an Alart Solar Eclipse, and visit the same site further into the future, you will discover that a tree has grown with plenty of money in it for you to collect. Alternatively, if you eat the seed instead, you will turn invisible for a short time.

Key Horn Hammer
Sheherazade item key.png

On the occasions when you visit the palaces at the end of a chapter, you may encounter a few locked doors. Most of these doors open when you defeat every enemy in the room, but if they do not, or you're in a hurry to get out, you'll need to use up one of these keys in order to escape.

Sheherazade item horn.png

Horns may be used as thrown weapons. However, in each of the final palaces, there are rooms which contain several gray statues, typically situated only a few rooms from the boss. If you throw a horn at these statues, you will negate their magic and open the locked door behind them. Without a horn, the statues come to life and you must battle them for safe passage.

Sheherazade item hammer.png

A hammer is a weapon that you can use in battle to cause stars to fall from the sky, causing damage to all of the enemies present. You will sometimes earn hammers by defeating enemies in command battles.

Carpet Amulet Map
Sheherazade item carpet.png

Once you have visited a town, carpets are you direct non-stop flight back to any location you wish to revisit. Simply select to use a carpet, and choose from among the list of visited locations to return there instantly. Buy them in shops, or win them on occasion in battle.

Sheherazade item amulet.png

An amulet is a magical item that won't prevent you from being transformed into a different shape by a wizard, but it will substantially reduce the amount of time it takes for you to return to your regular shape. This is important as extended lengths of time transformed expose you to a greater chance of instant death.

Maps are only sold in stores (and hence have no graphical representation). They are only useful in the final palaces of each chapter. They will provide you with a rough indication of the layout of each palace, as long as the location of the room where the final boss can be found and challenged. They are typically only sold in one shop from each chapter, so don't miss them.


Swords are only truly effective in the hands of a Fighter. All other classes must wield a short sword.

Name Location Description
Sword n/a You begin the game with this sword. It has no special properties.
Simitar Magic University of Chapter 1 The Simitar is a lighter sword and can be swung more rapidly than the original sword, allowing you to attack with it more frequently.
Dragoon Magic University of Chapter 2 The Dragoon is the first sword which fires a projectile when swung by a Fighter. If you have more than half of your hit points, a dagger will fly forward a short distance.
Kashim Dark Maze of Chapter 3 This sword is optional. If you are able to find it, you will find the the daggers created by the Kashim sword fly a lot farther than those of the Dragoon.
Rostam Past Yufla Palace of Chapter 4 The Rostam sword is capable of firing not one, but two daggers that travel across the screen.
Legend Past Light Palace of Chapter 5 Like the Rostam sword, the Legend sword can fire two projectiles, but unlike Rostam, the two appear simultaneously for assured hit success.


The full potential of a Rod can only be unlocked by a Magician. In the hands of anyone else, all Rods behave like the basic Rod.

Name Location Description
Rod n/a You begin the game with this Rod. It fires only one slow moving circular projectile.
Flame Magic University of Chapter 1 The Flame rod is only a slight upgrade from the original rod. The projectile travels a little faster and enemies burst into flame when struck by its magic.
Stardust Magic University of Chapter 2 The Stardust rod allows you to fire two projectiles at a time. However, enemies no longer burst into flame when struck.
Cimaron Future Cimaron Tree of Chapter 3 Although you must become a Saint in order to collect this rod, you still must be a Magician to wield it. It fires two star projectiles as well as light up darkness.
Crystal Magic University of Chapter 4 Quite the upgrade, the Crystal rod is capable of firing three fast star projectiles at one time, allowing you near limitless firing capability.
Isfa Encounter Sabaron in Chapter 5 Once the possession of your great magician ancestor, Isfa himself, this is the most powerful rod which allows you to fire up to four large circular projectiles at a time.


Equipment are items that you obtain which remain active throughout the remainder of the game.

Name Location Description
Magic Shield Possessed by Kebabu of Chapter 1 The magic shield may only be used by the Saint class in order to reflect enemy projectiles as long as you are facing them.
Ring Possessed by Kebabu of Chapter 1 Another unmentioned gift of Kebabu's, the ring allows you to escape from the otherwise inescapable boss battles. When used, Kebabu will transport you outside the doors of the boss.
Magic Boots Possessed by Lah of Chapter 2 Another item which only the Saint can make use of, the Magic Boots will prevent you from taking damage when walking across damage inducing floors.
Red Armor Magic University of Chapter 3 This armor is the first defensive increase that you can obtain in the game. It will decrease the amount of damage you receive from physical as well as magical attacks.
Holy Robe Possessed by Gubibi of Chapter 4 The Holy Robe does not provide you with any defensive benefit beyond giving you the ability to safely jump into, and survive the lake of lava in Chapter 4.
Light Armor Possessed by Kaji of Chapter 5 This is the ultimate armor of the game, but in order to get it, you must find the Legend Sword, and present it to Kaji to claim your rightful inheritance.