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Level select: minimum start[edit]

The Magic of Scheherazade has a very forgiving password system. If you happen to enter the password in incorrectly, it will notify you and give you an opportunity to correct it. If you insist that your password is correct, it will, at the very least, start you on the level you requested with the bare minimum experience and items possible for that world. You can take advantage of this fact, and simply jump to the level of your desire by entering in a W followed by the number of the chapter you would like to play, 1 through 5. For example, if you would like to start on chapter 4 with the bare minimum, enter W4.

Level select: maximum start[edit]

Unlike the previous codes, the following codes are special codes and not the result of accidental or incorrect password entries. To start on a particular chapter with the maximum amount of items and equipment that you can possibly have (including all of the items and allies that you collect in that chapter), first enter the number of the chapter, 1 through 5, followed by a W. For example, if you would like to start on chapter 3 ready to defeat the Palace Boss at the highest possible level, enter 3W.

View the ending[edit]

If you would like to see the end of the game immediately, select continue, and enter the password END.

Sound test[edit]

To listen to a sound test of all the background music in the game, select continue, and enter the password SOUND (there is a forced space between the N and the D). When you press Start button, two digits will appear on the left. Press Up dpad and Down dpad to cycle through the numbers, and press Start button to begin playing the track of the current number.