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Akasame's castle town is divided into two segments with bits of forested wilderness in between. The Tengu air demon makes his appearance known by arriving in a great whirlwind and attacking you with gusts from his fan. And fire breathing Shinobu appear to prevent you from approaching the castle. Once you make it inside, you'll have spear wielding Samurai to deal with. Avoid them as they twirl around and track down the Red Daimyo who attacks by hurling Ninjas at you.


Part A[edit]

  • From the start, head one screen to the west. Here you can pick up the 3-way shot if you feel you are in need of it. Head west one more screen and you will be at a fork in the road.
  • You only need to take the north path if you intend to collect a restock of the Inazuma Lightning technique, or would like to collect the triple fire power-up. Otherwise, head straight south and be sure to pick up the blue sandals if you don't already have them.
  • Move south once more and watch out for the Tengu who attacks here. Avoid his whirlwinds, and strike up close for a quick finish. From here, head west, and be sure to collect the red sandals in the next screen if you're not already moving quickly.
  • Continue west and you'll reach the first part of town. A while pillbox can be found if you're in need of health. Traveling north one screen, you'll begin to encounter Fire Shinobus. Slash them before the hit you with the fire that they spit.
  • Move on to the next screen to the left. You only need to go north if you want 4-way firing, or need blue sandals. Otherwise, continue south, and move on from there to part B.

Part B[edit]

  • For the first portion of part B, you need to move two screens north, and two screens west. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, but it depends on what you need.
  • If you would like to collect the invisibility technique, continue running north as far as you can, collect the technique, and move west to the first mountain scene. Beware of the flying ninjas and Ax Bandits. Continue west and then south one screen.
  • If you don't need invisibility, then it is best to travel north one screen, then west one screen. Beyond the bridge, and beneath the water, you can collect an invincibility helmet. Continue moving west. You can head south one screen if you are in need of health. Otherwise move north.
  • Whichever path you take, you'll have to face another Fire Shinobu before you move on to the next part of the town. In this part of town, you have the chance to collect either secret technique, as well as all three different fire capabilities.
  • Once you're in the town, you only need to travel north if you want invisibility or 3-way firing. Otherwise head west one screen, and head south one screen. You can collect 4-way firing from the banner on the wall in that screen.
  • Head east now, and south again. You will face two Fire Shinobus. Defeat them and don't miss the chance to collect triple firing if you would like to have it for the next castle. Simple head west one more screen, and locate the hidden Tanooki if you would like to collect Inazuma Lightning before entering the castle.


  • From the start, go up one screen. You will meet the new castle enemy, a spear wielding Samurai who spins around, making it difficult for you to reach him with an attack. Fight from a distance if you can.
  • From that room, head right two screens, and north once. Collect the helmet in the upper-left corner just in case the princess in the next room turns into a jealous spirit. Then head up and attempt to rescue the princess. Whether she is real or not, investigate the space above her, and you'll find yet another helmet.
  • Head back to the room above the start, and proceed to the left. A white pillbox can be found here, just in case. Then head to the room above where you'll have your first porter fight. Kill the four porters carefully and move to the next room above.
  • This next room will be occupied by invisible ninjas. Don't worry about where they are headed, just attack them if their shadows get too close to you. Move to the right room, and then head up, where you will be confronted by two spear Samurai. Deal with them carefully.
  • To rescue another princess, we must head left. Kill the sword Samurai, and move up one room where you must do the same to the two Samurai you find. The room above will contain the princess (if it doesn't turn into a spirit first). Above the princess, you may also find the invisibility technique.
  • Return to the room with the two spear Samurai, and head up. From here, it is a straight shot until you reach the Castle Daimyo. You will travel right, down, right, and up, through rooms with a variety of enemies to watch out for. You will end up in a porter fight. Take them down carefully to preserve your health for the Daimyo fight.
  • The Red Castle Daimyo may look big, but he lets the White Ninjas do most of the fighting. They pop out of the pods that he throws at you. When the Ninjas are out of the way, and he takes a break between pod throws (which he does in a rapid sequence similar to the first Daimyo's bombs) hit him as rapidly as you can before you are forced to take cover and deal with more ninjas.