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Far to the north, Ryokusame is surrounded by snowy fields and a large body of water. The going will be tough as more Tengu and Shinobus accompany the hordes of Ninjas that will assail Takamaru from every direction. Once he navigates through the snow fields and the lake, he has more surprises in store for him inside of the castle. In addition to three potential captive princesses, he must contend with a new master Ninja that can summon the very element of fire to protect himself.


Part A[edit]

  • From the start, head one screen to the west. You only need to investigate the screen beyond it to the west if you are interested in picking up more of the Inazuma Lightning technique. Otherwise, head north.
  • From this screen, you could head left and pick up the white pillbox in the next screen if you are in dire need of health, but traveling and further would not be the best use of time and energy. Instead, continue moving north.
  • From the screen with the little pond, you must travel east, north, and west to reach a mountain screen, and cross the bridge. While taking care to avoid the Ax Bandits, and flying Ninjas, be on the look-out for a triple-shot power up in the lower left corner.
  • To complete this part, simply continue running to the left. You will have two opportunities to collect the white crossbow power up that speeds up you shots. Beyond the screen with the pond, you will reach part B.

Part B[edit]

  • You have a couple of choices as to how you proceed through this section of the stage. But some of the paths take you out of the way, so follow this walkthrough to find the path best suited for you.
  • Be sure to collect the blue sandals in the upper left corner of the room at the start of part B if you don't have them already. It will help you greatly and spare you the need to run far to the west to collect the only other pair before the water.
  • From that room, head south one screen. Collect the red sandals here if you need those as well. From here, you should head south if health is a great concern. If you missed or lost the triple shot from the mountain screen, consider heading west instead.
  • If you take the south route, go south one screen to collect the white pillbox to restore your health. Continue south one more screen, then proceed all the way to the west to reach the castle. Along the way, consider finding the 3-way shot if you would like to have it.
  • If you take the west route, cross over two screens to the west, then proceed one screen to the south. In this watery screen, you can locate and collect the triple shot. Then move one more screen south, and head west to complete the stage.
  • On the second to last screen, you can collect a refill for the Inazuma Lightning technique. Watch out for the Bomb Shinobu that guards the entrance to the last screen. In the final screen, you will have to face a Fire Shinobu and detonate two land mines before you can proceed to the castle.


  • Start by heading to the room above, and then one room to the right. You only need to continue on along the path that leads further right if you would like to collect more lightning. It is in a room behind a porter fight, so fight cautiously. Otherwise go up one room.
  • Here you will encounter your first Master Ninja of fire. They don't attack you proactively, preferring instead to remain behind their flame barrier, and sending balls of fire your way. Hitting them through their barrier can be especially difficult. After you deal with him, move to the screen above. Fight the Samurai here to open the next door where a princess is being held.
  • Above the princess happens to be a triple shot power up in case you need it. Then return to the Master Ninja's room, and proceed to the left. Above the room with the invisible Ninjas will be another porter fight so be prepared.
  • After you defeat the porters, travel up, and you will encounter another Master Ninja. Dealing with him is optional. Proceed one room to the left.
  • There is another princess to be found along the path to the room below. You may opt to ignore this princess if you have a sufficient number of extra lives. Rescue her if you choose to and return to this room. Then move to the left room.
  • The room above will contain a porter fight, so prepare yourself, and enter the room. When you defeat the porters, continue up and face another Master Ninja. You need to get across the room to the right. When you succeed, continue to the right one more room.
  • You must defeat the spear Samurai in order to open the door that leads to the third captive princess. In the room above, another spear Samurai waits for you by the door to the left. Defeat him and pass through. There is a white pillbox in the room in the room with the two sword Samurai. Proceed up one room and rescue the princess. There is another white pillbox above her. Collect that one, and then return to the first spear Samurai room.
  • From there proceed right, past the sword Samurai (there is a triple shot power up hidden in the room), and on to the next room where you'll find one last Master Ninja along with another sword Samurai. Defeat them to gain access to the last porter fight before the Daimyo.
  • The Green Castle Daimyo is a master of illusion. He creates three illusions of himself that all attack alongside him. The attacks that come from the illusion are very real, so watch out! Figure out which vision is the real Daimyo and attack as much as possible before he disappears and reappears with a whole new set of illusions.