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  • Joystick: Use the 8-way joystick to move Kunoichi (or Ninja, if you are player 2); pushing it up makes them jump straight up (and walk up staircases when they are standing in front of them), while pushing it into the "north-western" and "north-eastern" positions makes them jump to the left and right respectively. Pushing the joystick left and right will also make Kunoichi and Ninja walk in those directions while standing respectively while pushing it into the "south-western" and "south-eastern" positions makes them walk left and right while crouching respectively, and pushing it down makes them crouch without walking in either direction (as well as walk down staircases when they're standing at the top of them) - but the reason the joystick has to be pushed up to make Kunoichi and Ninja jump in this game is because its second button is used to make them throw their shurikens at enemies.
  • Dagger Button: Use this button to make Kunoichi (or Ninja if you're player 2) stab enemies with her (or his, in the case of Ninja) hand-held daggers.
  • Shuriken Button: Use this button to make Kunoichi (or Ninja if you're player 2) throw one of her (or his, in the case of Ninja) shurikens at an enemy; if either of them has run out of shurikens, pressing this button has no effect, but they'll both receive a new supply of shurikens after finishing a stage.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin the game as player 1 (the red-suited, female Kunoichi) or player 2 (the blue-suited, male Ninja).

Kunoichi and Ninja[edit]

TNW Kunoichi.png
TNW Ninja.png

These android ninjas are the protagonists for this game; the first player controls the red-suited, female Kunoichi (who is seen on the left), while the second player controls the blue-suited, male Ninja (who is seen on the right). Armed with a pair of hand-held daggers, and a limited supply of shurikens (which starts at 30, but as mentioned above, shall be replenished at the end of each stage), they are on a mission to destroy the evil dictator Bangler, who has not only seized power in the country of El Cabar, but is also a ruthless murderer, who thinks nothing of individual rights for free people - however, any kind of contact with the enemies will be injurious to them, and as they lose more of their energy, more of their metallic endoskeletons will become exposed (depending on where they have been hit). If either of them runs out of energy they will explode and the text "PLAYER X DEAD." (with X being either 1 or 2) shall appear below their respective player's score at the top of the screen; in a two-player game, the surviving player will then have to continue fighting Bangler's forces alone until they either also run out of energy or manage to finish the game.