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Looking for a game similar to Fallout or Mass Effect? This game is the one! You star as one of many people who came out of the chamber to create his or her destiny.

  • You can be a badass shooter, focusing on strategy and slowing down for more accurate shots. Show no mercy to the soldiers (and aliens!) as you go through the game.
  • Want to avoid bloodshed? Try talking to important people. Use the special lines in conversation that utilize actions such as persuasion, intimidation, or attack as a last resort. Not only that, you can perceive or use your expertise when it comes to engineering and mechanic problem-solving.
  • Fight alone or in a team. Make sure to get all the help you can get while upgrading your character or whoever is with you. Preferably use stealth if you're alone or upgrade firepower and armor while in a team.
  • Collect as many items as you can! It will benefit you when you reach the vending machine or someone whom you can sell to. After all, bits will play an important role when it comes to business or something valuable that's important in the main story.
  • Don't be afraid to do sidequests. This will help you in getting further experience should you run short but make sure to do it before the finale, as there is no New Game+ option following the main story.
  • Hero or villain? Check on your personal status to see which group is in a good mood or which group is out to get you for stealing their items, which is important.
  • How many endings are there? Try out different directions and see what happens if your decisions go very wrong. You can also swap shooting for being a skilled negotiator or accidentally kill someone important, but ultimately there's no wrong answer in this game.