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This game bears similarities to Fallout, and Mass Effect, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution in that you have to decide how you play: an all-rounder, a gung-ho shooting hero, a stealth expert, or a skilled negotiator are among the possible builds that can get you through the game, though experimenting with different combinations is encouraged.

  • Create your character: Decide whether you want to improve your health or upgrade your weapons first, influencing how your character will start their journey as they get out of their pod.
  • Go through the walkthrough and decide whether to join your scientist friend and companions or go with the Board and enjoy power and money.
  • There's plenty of sidequests in each planet and spacecraft.
  • Upgrade your character however you want! Build up your skills in dialogue or any other area of expertise.
  • Perk up yourself and your buddies! It will help you succeed in your journey to the end of the game. This includes penalties if you get hit by a flaw too many times.
  • Sort out your weapons and armor. The stronger the weapons and armor, the more you can survive an unfamiliar world which you've never faced before. But don't forget to sell and even buy quest items to move the story forward if you hit a roadblock.
  • Solo or team? Make sure you get your priorities straight, whether it's getting more dialogue options or fixing objects easier.
  • Your character's stats can influence choices in conversation. For example, a low intelligence stat can yield some amusing dialogue that will cause other characters to question your intelligence. However, keep in mind that making the wrong choices can get you into major trouble.