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PC/Amiga/Atari ST Controls[edit]

The game is controlled almost exclusively by the mouse.

Areas of the screen
  • Click the PC Mouse Left Click.png in the play area to make Guybrush walk to that spot
  • Click the PC Mouse Left Click.png on the actions in the action area to choose what you want Guybrush to do, then left-click on the object in the play area or inventory you want him to interact with
    • (For example, left-click on the action Open then click on a door to open it)
  • A quicker way to do the above is to click the PC Mouse Right Click.png: hover the mouse cross over an object (such as a door) and a related action will highlight in the action area (such as Open). Click the PC Mouse Right Click.pngon the door and Guybrush will walk up to and open it. This can be used to look at objects or talk to people
  • Press F5 to bring up the Options Menu
  • Press Esc or to skip a cut-scene
  • Press Space to pause the game