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Control Action
Neutral dpad Move
B button Jump (twice to double jump)
Y button Attack
X button Interact
Start button Pause



Control Action
A button Activate/Exit Homer Ball
Y button Homer Ball Dash (on ground)

Homer Ball Slam (in midair)

X button Activate/Exit Helium Homer
B button Helium Homer Float


Control Action
B button Glide (press and hold)
A button Slingshot (once to prep, again to shoot)
X button Grappling Hook (when in range)
Up dpad Move along Zipline
Left dpad/Right dpad Turn around on Zipline
Down dpad Drop from Zipline


Control Action
X button Activate/Exit Hand of Buddha
Stylus button Lift objects (Hold; release button to drop)
L button/R button + Stylus button Power Flick/Smash


Control Action
Stylus button: Tap someone Gather Mob
Stylus button: Tap an object Send Mob to Target
Hold Circle button and release Megaphone Blowback
X button Send Maggie into Crawlspace