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In this game, you will take control of five characters from the Simpsons universe.

Homer Simpson[edit]

Homer is the head of the Simpson family, famous for his propensity to eat and his popular "D'oh!" catch phrase. You'll get familiar with the game as you play the first level running errands for Marge and trying to catch a nap at work. This won't be the last of him, though, as you'll get to use him again in Level 7.

Bart Simpson[edit]

The infamous problem child, Bart does what he likes. In Level 2 you'll pit Bart against Principal Skinner as you evade being caught for truancy, try to nab the latest installment of the Bonestorm series, play with fireworks, and perform various tasks for Professor Frink so that he can complete the Truckasaurus robot, because "real violence is better than TV violence". You'll get to play as Bart again in Level 6 as you try to uncover the conspiracy behind the evil Buzz Cola.

Lisa Simpson[edit]

Brilliant Lisa Simpson loves her sax, but she loves her family more. When Bart goes missing in Level 3, she'll drive all over Springfield to find him, enlisting the help of Professor Frink, Otto the bus driver, and even Police Chief Wiggum.

Marge Simpson[edit]

Marge takes charge in Level 4 to try to uncover the mystery behind a recent crop circle sighting. Despite being the mother of the household, she can drive like nobody's business, and drive you must in order to find out what's going on!

Shopkeeper Apu[edit]

Apu runs the Kwik-E-Mart, but when he discovers that he's been selling evil cola, he closes up shop to do some investigating! In Level 5 you'll leave no stone unturned and even make some unlikely allies in the search to determine who's behind this evil cola business once and for all!