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a list of all the level gags in the simpsons hit and run.

Level 1[edit]

  1. In the Simpson's backyard, investigate the swingset. It will fall apart.
  2. Also, while you are in the Simpson's yard, go to the barbecue and activate it.
  3. There is also an idol in Simpson's back yard. Activate it as well.
  4. Go to Flander's backyard. You will see a bomb shelter. Open the door for a surprise.
  5. At the Kwik-e-mart, go over to where the arcade games are and activate one of the machines.
  6. Investigate the freezer at the Kwik-e-mart.
  7. Use the silent alarm at the Kwik-e-mart.
  8. In the school, pull the fire alarm
  9. In the school, press the blue button.
  10. At the nuclear power plant parking lot, press the "do not press" button.
  11. At homer's workstation in the plant, use the control panel.