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The Sims has a Create-a-Sim mode that is fairly simple.

How to get there[edit]

Go to the neighborhood menu. In the uppermost portion of the screen there are three buttons. The first button will bring up a list of families already created. To create a new family, click on the button of three people with a plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Creating a Sim family[edit]

To add new members to the family click on the button that is a picture of a person with a plus sign. You may change the look of your Sim, including the skin tone, hair color, clothing, etc. You may also enter a bio for the Sim, though this is not required. When you are done click the OK button. A message will pop up asking whether you are sure you wish to create this family. If you accept, you will not be able to modify them again.

The family is ready to move[edit]

After, you will be back to the family screen with the family you just created. Press the button with an arrow pointing to a house. You will then be returned to the neighborhood screen with the cursor like 3 people. Choose a lot or house and click on it. It will load up that lot along with your new family. Now you can build the house and buy things for the family.