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The package that the magic man delivers when a family moves in contains a magic wand, the three ingredients for Toadification, and several Magicoins (Magic Town currency). To purchase any other ingredients for spells, you can either go and buy them at carts in areas of Magic Town, or make some yourselves. A spinning wheel for golden thread, a harvester for beeswax and honey, and a juice press for nectar are included in buy mode. (Miscellaneous, Magic)When you travel to Magic Town (via the hole or air balloon)you can click a number of the symbols that will show you where shopping is, food, pets etc. The three vendors you can buy from are Mara the fairy in Serra Glen, Todd the Apothecary also in Serra Glen, and Vicky the Vampiress. You can buy items directly from their cart (using Magicoins) or Barter with them or accept a challenge. When you click any of the vendors, one of the options is "Barter". When you do this you will trade them one item for a secret one you need. You can also Barter with the snake charmer. Another option when you click the vendors is "Talk to". When you select this the vendor will give you a challenge (such as disperse some clouds, find an item from someone, cheer up a person) and when you complete it, they will reward you with your much needed secret item. Be warned that a portion of the spells do have backfires that can be avoided or just randomly happen.