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Butter + toadstools + toad sweat

Turns the person you cast it on into a toad. To become human, someone must kiss it. Backfire: turns you into a toad if the person you cast it on has a magic wand. If your sim is turned into a toad it can hop away and never return to the lot.

Beauty or beast[edit]

Beeswax + beeswax + beeswax

Turns the caster into a mythical creature such as witch, genie, fairy, Frankenstein etc. Backfire: turns you and people surrounding you into mules. Eventually wears off.

Relationship boost[edit]

Honey + honey + pixie dust

Makes the person you cast it on like you more by 25 points. Backfire: Makes them hate you by 25 points.

Horn of plenty[edit]

Golden thread + magic beans + magic beans

Makes gourmet food appear on the nearest available surface. Backfire: If used by a "greedy sim" meaning a sim whose Hunger bar is more than half full, a plague of toads will appear. Kiss as many of these toads as possible and a prince will not appear.


Butter + toadstools + pixie dust

Enchants lawn gnomes, flamingos, and refrigerators. The gnome weeds and waters plants ,however, if you have the A PRESSING FEELING nectar maker within viewing ability of the gnomes, the gnomes will stop working and get drunk while they sing a simlish "the itsy bitsy spider," the flamingo turns into a showgirl dancer who can talk to you and give you back rubs and entertain your guests, and the refrigerator open and shuts it’s doors for a bit. Causes chessboards to play a chess match by themselves. Backfire: Sets what you were supposed to enchant on fire.

Dish wish[edit]

Golden thread + golden thread + llama spit Cleans all fly-infested dishes. Backfire: If you use this spell when you only have a few dishes it will make more appear.

Get happy[edit]

Honey + grapes + pixie dust

Use on another sim when you see the sad face or when you just want to improve their mood. Backfire: Can make the sim in an even worse mood.

Rain of riches[edit]

Beeswax + rubber chicken + diamond dust

About 50,000 simoleons worth of treasure fall from the sky which you can sell for even more money. Backfire: Storm Clounds appear

Shed your skin[edit]

Beeswax + beeswax + sands of time

Turns the caster into a translucent green ghost. Backfire: When used in the daytime snakes appear and your pet will turn into a snake.

Smiley face[edit]

Honey + garlic + toadsweat

Makes an instantaneous friend. Backfire: will be mad at each other if already friends

Polar attraction[edit]

Beeswax + dragon scales + llama spit Makes a sim like you more. Backfire: Makes them hate you.


Butter + snake venom + garlic

Sends a sim into a black hole-like portal, from which they may never return. Backfire: If used on a sim with wand, your sim will be banished instead. However, the sim does eventually return after a while.

Clone drone[edit]

Beeswax + sands of time + Pegasus feather

Makes a clone of oneself. Backfire: The clone may not do much, it might stand around, spill water everywhere, and explode where it will start a fire instantly. However, the clone can go to work for your Sim, making it easy for you to increase skills, make friends, etc.

Perfect garden[edit]

Golden thread + magic beans + four leaf clover

Makes the garden perfect and grapes fuller. Backfire: Previously enchanted Gnomes will attack you and destroy your garden.

Magi mood[edit]

Beeswax + magic beans + Glacier glass

Makes a sim's completely green up cant use on self. Backfire: Head(s) will turn into donkey head.


Honey + dragon tears + pixie dust

Makes a sim fall in love with you. Backfire: If the target sim has a wand, you will be struck by lightning instead.


Butter + toadsweat + clown confetti

Put that annoying neighbor, repairman, or other jerk right in your control. Backfire: If they have wands they'll hypnotize you.

Of house and home[edit]

Golden thread + glacial glass + Pegasus' feather

Cleans, repairs, and makes everything OK again. Backfire: probably the most risky; Wally O' Whisp's twin sister Molly comes and destroys everything in your home.

The big question[edit]

dragon scales + clown confetti + wizard eyelashes

Ties the knot gets the sim you ask to marry you. Backfire: Sim may take out wand; all your green bars turn to red and your relationship declines by 25 points

The price of fame[edit]

beeswax + diamond dust + black roses

will turn a Sim into a celebrity (4.5 stars). Backfire: 5 obsessed fans will appear if you are 3 stars or higher

(this is only available to those who have Superstar)

A friend indeed[edit]

butter + pet treats + clown confetti

will turn a pet into a human Backfire: pets will get mad at you

(this is only available to those who have Unleashed)