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To take a vacation, a Sim must use the phone and call a vacation van. The player gets to choose a location for the Sims to go to; at each location, Sims may either stay for the day or for several days by checking into a hotel, or can rent a tent or igloo to sleep in for one day at a time. If Sims do not check out from their hotel on time, then they get charged to stay another day. Check out time is 11 a.m. for hotels, igloos and tents. There are 3 environments on Vacation Island - a beach area, a camping area, and a mountain summit area. There are three lots (for vacation locations) in every area. Each area has its own amenities; the mountain summit has snowboard slopes and icy slides, while the beach has sandcastles and swimming pools, and the camping area has archery ranges and fishing docks. Sims cannot live on Vacation Island; however, some items available on Vacation Island may be purchased at home.