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There are plenty of new NPCs in The Sims 2: FreeTime. This page profiles all of them.

Non-Social NPCs[edit]

These NPCs only fulfill a role. You can't gain relationship of any sort with them.

Food Judge[edit]

Spawned by the food table, the food judge exists for the sole purpose of judging at food contests. You need only concern about him or her during a food competition. After he or she has judged your sims food, he or she'll just stand around doing nothing.


The Genie grants your sims three wishes. For getting a genie on your lot see this page. The wishes a Genie can grant are.

  • Give Me Beauty: Teen or older gains maximum chemistry with all sims of preferred gender for the next four days. As well, sims of that gender are more likely to visit for the duration of that period.
  • Give Me Long Life: Child or older gets three extra days to live. Can be wished multiple times.
  • Give Me Money: A bag of money drops from the ground to the value of $10,000. Wishing this again gives money although it is signifficantly less. For a few days after this wish, the burglar's chances of visiting are increased.
  • Give Me Peace of Mind: Sim gains permanent platinum aspiration for their whole life. You'll no longer need to worry about wants. Only teens and older can do this. Can only be done once.
  • Give Me Power to Cheat Death: Teen or older can wish this. When sim dies, there ghost will plead with the grim reaper and will win. The next time this happens the chance of winning decreases by 10%. Every subsequent plead decreases your sims chance. If the cause of death was old age, the grim reaper will return the next day if your elder wins. Can only be wished once
  • Resurrect: Child or older can resurrect any sim or pet. This method carries a chance of turning the other sim into a zombie. Unlike the Grim Reaper phone, there is not way to control that chance.

Once your sims three wishes are up, the genie goes back into the lamp and the lamp disappears.

Rod Humble[edit]

After you load a new lot, Mr Humble will appear on the lot. He will walk to the door and drop off a present. The present? A fully functional computer with The Sims 3 installed on it. This computer is completely free. Plus, the game will be available on all other computers afterwards. Mr Humble then leaves shortly after, never to come again.

Hobby Club Leaders[edit]

Hobby Club leaders appear on the hobby lot for which they represent. They will enter your sims lot three times.

  • To acknowledge your sim at level 3 enthusiasm.
  • To grant your sim membership at level 5 enthusiasm.
  • To give your sim a plaque at level 10 enthusiasm.

All hobby sims have these qualities.

  • Level 10 enthusiasm in hobby.
  • Level 10 of specific skill related to hobby.
  • Gold talent badges for specified hobby.
  • Instruct in Hobby interaction available at all times.

As well, hobby club leaders have an advantage in sims careers. If your sim is in the right career, the leader counts as two friends instead of one.

  • Arts & Crafts-Artist
  • Cuisine-Culinary
  • Film & Literature- Journalism, Entertainment, Show Business
  • Fitness- Adventurer
  • Games- Gamer
  • Music & Dance- Music, Dance
  • Nature- Natural Scientist
  • Science- Science
  • Sports- Athletic
  • Tinkering- Military, Intelligence.

Club leaders are fully social and can enter your sims household by marriage or being asked to move in.