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Dating is a new way in The Sims 2 Nightlife to improve a relationship between two sims. With the attraction and chemistry system introduced in this expansion pack, improving your romance should be a breeze. In this article, we review date mechanics to help you utilize this new system to your advantage.

Who to Date[edit]

Firstly, you have to choose who you want to date. Since dating is a romantic action, you can only date sims that you can have a romantic relationship with(e.g. Teens can only date teens. Adults can't date children). You can't date blood relatives either. Other than these restrictions, you can date whoever you want.

Starting the Date[edit]

There are four ways to get a date.

Choose the amount you want to spend on a Blind Date in this menu
Your blind date starts with the date falling from the sky
  • Ask...On Date. Asking in person.
  • Call...Ask Out On Date. Asking over the phone.
  • Being asked by another sim over the phone.
  • Ask for Blind Date. Interaction on the Gypsy Matchmaker.

Asking for a blind date gives you a random sim. This sim will not be in a committed relationship with any other sim.

Choosing a location[edit]

Your sims can date anywhere except the secret society lot included with The Sims 2 University. If you date at a residential lot, the other sim will come to you. If you date at a community lot, you must drive there. If you don't get going within the hour, then the other sim will decide that he or she has been stood up. Standing up has negative effects on a relationship.


The Date Metre tells you how well the date is going

You can keep track of the date with the date metre. From a glance it tells you:

  • The current date score.
  • How much time you have.
  • The dates identity.
  • The dates aspiration.
  • The dates wants and fears.

The date score is divided into seven sections, each which represent how well the date is going. When the date starts the score starts in the middle. If it reaches the exact bottom, the date ends. During a date points are added or subtracted for almost every event involving your sim. The date score also exists as an invisible number plane ranging from 0 to 1000. With 0 at the bottom of the Horrible rating and 1000 at the top of the Dream Date rating. The main type of event that can happen is a social interaction between two sims. Every social interaction has a base score that is multiplied with the relationship score gained or lost to produce a number of points that are added to the date score. This score is then altered by personality and aspiration. When an event happens, personality will adjust the score. A sim with personality on one extreme (e.g. Outgoing/Shy 10) will provide maximum points while a sim on the other extreme (e.g. Outgoing/Shy 0) will subtract maximum points. How much points are added or lost depends on the personality score. This is accessible through the Simology panel.

Date Events[edit]

The following table is a list of social interactions and their effect on the date score. There are too many social interactions in The Sims 2 to list here so instead, only social interaction types will be listed. Effect 1 means that the relationship change for both sims will be added to the date score. Effect 2 means that the relationship change is also added but is doubled as well for the date score. If the interaction decreases relationship, the date score will also be decreased.

Effect 1 Effect 2 Other
Appreciate, Entertain, Irritate, Play, Prank, Talk Dining socials, Flirt, Hug, Kiss, Slow Dance Fight(effect 3), WooHoo (effect 5)

These interactions also affect the date score but include personality and aspiration boosts. Unlike the previous table there is no effect 1, effect 2, etc. Each interaction has a base score which personality and aspiration add to. The score for personality shows the maximum available. To achieve this, personality must have a score of 10. The penalty means that the score will be the value shown if the personality is 0. This base score also assumes that the interaction is between the two dating sims(with the exception of the Bite Neck interaction).

Interaction Score Personality boost Penalty Aspiration boost Aspiration penalty
Object-based cuddle 40 Outgoing 20 -10 Romance 15 Knowledge -10
Rejection -50 Outgoing 10 -20 Knowledge 15 Romance -50
Bitten by Vampire 24 Playful 25 -25 Knowledge 200 Family -50
Engagement 210 Nice 150 -50 Family 200 Romance -100
Rejection -440 Nice 5 -100 Romance 50 Family -100
Marriage 240 Nice 150 -50 Family 200 Romance -100
Rejection -5100 Nice 5 -100 Romance 50 Family 100
Go Steady 96 Nice 50 -25 Family 200 Romance -100
Rejection -92 Nice 50 -100 Romance 50 Family -100
Throw Food At Table 36 Playful 15 -10 Pleasure 15 Knowledge -5
Rejection -28 Playful 10 -35 Pleasure 5 Knowledge -25
Talk To Pregnant Sims Belly 20 Nice 10 -10 Family 10 Romance -10

This next list of interactions include object interactions, autonomous behaviors and any other event that has an impact on the date score. SIm A refers to the sim that initiated the date and Sim B refers to the sim being dated.

Event Score Personality boost Penalty Aspiration boost Aspiration penalty
Achieve Crush Relationship 100 Outgoing 50 -50 Romance 50 Knowledge -50
Achieve Love Relationship 200 Outgoing 50 -50 Romance 50 Knowledge -50
Achieve Pregnancy 200 Nice 50 -100 Family 200 Romance 350
Aspiration Desperation (Sim B) -300 Playful 100 -200 N/A N/A
Aspiration Faliure -400 Playful 200 -200 N/A N/A
Bite Neck (Sim A) 200 Mean 100 -100 Knowledge 100 Family -50
Bladder Failure (Sim A) -200 Sloppy 200 -300 N/A Popularity -500
Bladder Failure (Sim B) -600 Sloppy 200 -300 Family 100 Popularity -500
Dance Sphere Lose High (Sim A) -70 Lazy 50 -50 Knowledge 20 Pleasure -20
Dance Sphere Lose High (Sim B) -100 Lazy 50 -50 Knowledge 20 Pleasure -20
Dance Sphere Lose Medium (Sim A) -50 Lazy 25 -25 Knowledge 20 Pleasure -20
Dance Sphere Lose Medium (Sim B) -80 Lazy 25 -25 Knowledge 20 Pleasure -20
Dance Sphere Win Low 15 Active 15 -10 Pleasure 10 Knowledge -5
Dance Sphere Win Medium 35 Active 25 -25 Pleasure 20 Knowledge -20
Dance Sphere Win High 45 Acitve 25 -25 Pleasure 20 Knowledge -20
Date Dies -1000 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Defeat Grim Reaper 300 Playful 100 Serious -200 Knowledge 400 N/A
Dine At Restaurant 150 Playful 50 -50 Pleasure 50 Knowledge -20
Eat Bad Food 5 Lazy 5 Mean -5 N/A Pleasure -5
Eat Good Food 50 Lazy 25 -25 Pleasure 50 Knowledge -10
End Date without Unlocking Time Bonus -200 N/A Outgoing -50 Knowledge 50 Romance -50
Energy Failure (Sim A) -100 Lazy 100 Shy -100 Knowledge 10 Popularity -100
Energy Failure (Sim B) -300 Playful 100 -200 Knowledge 10 Popularity -100
Fall Asleep in Food (Sim A) -150 Nice 50 -100 Family 25 Popularity -100
Fire -250 Playful 10 -35 Pleasure 5 Knowledge -20
Food Dropped By Waitor -50 Sloppy 100 -75 Fortune 10 Popularity -25
Gain Furious Relationship (Sim A) -200 Nice 100 -200 Family 50 Popularity -25
Get Booed (Sim B) -50 Outgoing 25 Shy -25 Knowledge 10 Popularity -25
Get Caught Cheating -250 Outgoing 100 Mean -100 Romance 150 Family -100
Get Caught Scamming Restaurant -200 Mean 200 -200 N/A Fortune -100
Get Cheered 25 Outgoing 50 -25 Popularity 25 Knowledge -10
Get Hit By Crumplebottom -250 Nice 100 -50 Family 50 Romance -200
Get Influenced 25 Outgoing 25 -25 Popularity 10 Pleasure -5
Get Lectured By Crumplebottom -100 Nice 50 -100 Family 50 Romance -200
Get Meal Comped 100 Outgoing 25 -50 Fortune 50 N/A
Go Broke -200 Outgoing 50 -100 Knowledge 50 Fortune -200
Lose Crush Relationship -150 Nice 50 -50 Knowledge 50 Romance -50
Lose Fight -150 N/A Mean -50 Knowledge 25 Popularity -100
Lose Love Relationship -200 Nice 150 -150 Knowledge 100 Romance -100
Reaction-Smells Bad -50 Sloppy 50 -50 Knowledge 25 Pleasure -25
Reaction-Smells Yummy 50 Neat 25 -40 Pleasure 25 Knowledge -10
Repoman -400 N/A Shy -100 N/A Fortune -200
Scam Restaurant N/A N/A N/A Fortune 50 Family -100
Sing Duet 50 Playful 25 -25 Romance 25 Knowledge -25
Smustle Dance Together 50 Active 25 -25 Pleasure 25 Knowledge -25
Smustle Dance Rejection -50 Lazy 25 -25 Knowledge 25 Pleasure -25
Social Worker -700 Mean 300 Nice -300 Pleasure 100 Family -500
Streak (Sim B) 50 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Throw Up (Sim A) -100 Sloppy 100 Neat -250 N/A Pleasure -100
Throw Up (Sim B) -100 Sloppy 100 Neat -250 N/A Popularity -50
Tip Staff 25 Nice 45 -50 Fortune 50 Knowledge -25
Unsuccessful Slow Dance -200 Nice 100 -50 Knowledge 50 Romance -100
Use Photo Booth Together 30 Outgoing 40 -50 Popularity 25 Fortune -10
Win Fight 100 Mean 100 -300 Popularity 50 Knowledge -25

On the date metre you have access to your dates wants. This is because wants also have an impact on the date score. Whenever you satisfy any of your sims wants, the date score will rise by 1/20th of the aspiration points added (e.g. If a fulfilled want added 2000 points to the aspiration score, the date score will rise by 100 points).

Date Time[edit]

When you start the date you start with limited time. In fact you only have three sim hours to make a successful date in. However, getting to the next date rating (e.g. Okay to Good)(Great to Dream Date) adds more time to your date.

  • Getting to Good adds 2 more sim hours and 30 sim minutes
  • Getting to Great adds 2 more sim hours
  • Getting to Dream Date adds 1 more sim hour and 30 sim minutes.

If the date ends before getting to the Good rating then date points will be lost from the final date rating. Getting to the next level also boosts your sims needs allowing you to concentrate on the date without having to tend to interruptions such as going to the toilet.

Ending the Date[edit]

There are several ways to end a date.

  • Date Time reaches 0:The final score indicates how well the date went. If the Good rating wasn't reached, the points will be lost.
  • End the Date:See above.
  • Ask...Do You Want a Ride Home:See above.
  • Work/School/Class(University):You can't date while on the job or while learning at school. See above
  • Date's mood drops to low:See above
  • Death of Date: Date ends at Horrible rating for the date dying. Even if the date score was at maximum before the dates death.
  • Score reaches Horrible:Worst possible score for a date. Your sim gets lectured, there's a need depletion and there's a chance of a not-so-friendly gift in the near future.
  • Ask...On Date:If this interaction happens during the date then it qualifies as cheating. The date ends and the new date starts with a penalty for being caught cheating.
  • Ask...Back to My Place:Normally doesn't end the date but if rejected will. No penalty for rejected interaction.

The date score indicates how well the date went and how many points you gained during the date. It also has some initial effects.

Date Score Points Date ending interaction Needs Memory
Dream Date 950-1000 Romantic Kiss High boost Yes
Great 650-950 Tender Kiss Near-high boost Yes
Good 425-650 Peck Medium boost No
Okay 300-425 Hug Small boost No
Lame 200-300 Sigh/Shrug Small depletion No
Bad 100-200 Lecture Medium depletion Yes
Horrible 0-100 Yell At/Poke/Shove High depletion Yes

Date rewards[edit]

After the date ends, there are chances of special rewards in the near future.

Surprise objects[edit]

After the date you might see a unique object on the doorstep or in the mail. It will be from the date. Viewing it will tell exactly who it's from and what they think of your sim.

Dates can provide rewards like this flower
  • Dream Date: Flower Bouquet. Flower is artificial.
  • Great: One Flower. Flower is artificial
  • Good: Love Letter
  • Okay: Nothing
  • Lame: Nothing
  • Bad: Hate Letter
  • Horrible: Flaming bag of Poo. Flames can be put out by stomping. Can not be sold but can be disposed of.
Unlike above, you receive an announcement when you receive an object reward

Your date may also receive a buy mode object as a gift on the doorstep. Unlike in the case above, they immediately tell you when they give you the gift. Lastly, there is also a chance that, if your sims dined at a restaurant, you may receive a coupon for a free meal in the mail. This coupon will work at any restaurant, not just the one you dined at.


If the date is in the same career as you and at a higher level than your sim, then they may pull some strings at work and you could come home with a promotion. This chance increases with how well the date went

Skills award[edit]

At the end of the date, then there is a chance you may receive a skills boost. It increases with the date’s skills and the date level. The skills increased will ones that the date has levels in. If he or she has a skill set at zero, then your sim can't receive a boost in that skill

Social award[edit]

If the date was successful, you may receive a call for another date. If you accept, you must depart within the hour or the other sim will decide that he or she has been stood up.

You could receive a call after a successful date

Your sim may also receive a call from a contact. This sim will be a friend of the date. Upon, receiving the call, you will be invited on an outing. This group will consist of the date, the friend and either one of the caller's groups or a group of downtownies.