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In the introduction, you will see a person dying on the road; he is the guardian to two children who have just been kidnapped. In the next scene, you will approach The Walking Village who have worried about the kidnapped children and are sending a search party to find them.

Tearful Shrine[edit]

You will first meet up with the first party member. Proceed to the right to start combat, the monsters shouldn't give too much problem.

After the battle, head to the right to meet an additional member of the party. He will introduce himself, and require your assistance to combat the Choke Blossom.

The choke blossom has ~2000 HP, and is large. This is the first combat where some of your members may get knocked out - Middle-click on the severely injured ones to send them to the back, but if they are knocked out, it's not too critical since they will recover after a few seconds.

After the battle, Isabelle will join the party. She will remain in the back, and serves only has the final HP sponge.

Misty Hollow[edit]

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Monsters in this section have a resistance to piercing attacks.

Nilathen's Bluff[edit]

When you reach this area, you will see a Keeper with Elai, the boy you need to recover. The keeper will refuse to reutrn him, and vanish with the boy.

Return to the Walking village to complete the chapter.