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Chapter 2 - Gunpowder and Steel[edit]

Denever will gain access to the Hack and Thunderstrike skills.

Traders' Last Station[edit]

This is a trading station where you can upgrade your items and equipment. You can also use it as a savepoint.

You will see a person called Artie that will state that there are too many humans, and that "they" want us to fight against each other. Before Artie can finish, the Rakari will teleport him away, to prevent trouble from being caused.

If you have Ferwin in your party, you will see some background information about him.

The Lonely Trail[edit]

Kaltos will indicate that his is ill. Since his attack power is reduced, you can order him to brack (which significantly reduces imbound attacks) as a method of defense.

The Aulder Mausoleum[edit]

A save point is here, just before a boss fight - The Aulder's Reach. It has Aulder's Reach, and is vulnerable to Magickal attacks but immune to Ethereal attacks.

When reduced to 50% health, it will enter a defensive state where it is highly resistant to attacks and regenerate health, before unleashing an attack that hits the entire party.

If you have Kaltos, use him as a defensive character - a brace and recovery combination will work here.

After the battle, your party will gain access to additional skills that were locked previously.

You can choose between entering the Ghost town or Tall Grasses.

Ghost Town[edit]

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You will encounter undead in this region, who are only injured by magickal damage.

Tall Grasses[edit]

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Burbundles exist within the planes, and are rather difficult to kill. It usually heals itself constantly, and serves as a distraction from the other monsters. You can either target the other monsters in the group, use area attacks, or overpower the monster with an overdrived attack.

South point Bastion[edit]

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Shortly after the save point, one of the cannons misfires, injuring a crew member. AS such, you have to provide defense. These monsters are much more difficult - they revive with full health instead of partial health, and also respawn more quickly.