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Chapter 3 - A New Quest[edit]


The chapter starts with dialogue between the fortress commander and a captain concerning a report carried across the border by a messenger, It is revealed that the Yeagarans are developing a powerful explosive device, possibly for use against Lereftain, who believe that their alchemical forces are superior to their enemy's. The commander orders for the report to be sent on the next airship run to the Admiralty House, as the local Rakari representative cannot be found. (Possibly busy dealing with the damaged Aulder's Reach in the Mausoleum.)

At this point your party enters the hall and is congratulated by the commander for their bravery. He also agrees to shelter Isabelle with the fortress staff, and becomes interested when the party mentions The Keepers. He reveals that the Keepers are a secretive group who have lately started killing people of all ages across Lereftain in order to exterminate an unknown bloodline. The matter is kept under wraps by local authorities and no proper investigations have started. Moreover, current political currents between the Parliament and the Army are further complicating any attempts to curb the killings. However, the commander mention that while the Army cannot act upon any leads; he could not stop three "concerned" citizens from investigating themselves, and gives them an old meeting location of the Keepers before allowing the party passage on the outgoing airship.