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The Tone Rebellion uses a simple point-and-click interface. Almost everything in the game can be done with the mouse.

  • Clicking on a building allows you to see the status of that building and adjust its controls.
  • Clicking on a Tone node allows you to select a building to be built on that node.
  • Clicking on a warrior or the warrior's home dojo allows you to give orders to that dojo's warriors (note that you cannot give orders to a warrior individually; all units from that dojo will attempt to follow your orders).
  • Clicking on a mystic location gives a description of the location, which gives clues as to which artifacts can be placed there.
  • Clicking on an empty area or your tribe's headquarters opens your main menu, which shows information on your tribe, allows you to control the resource settings of your headquarters, and gives access to menus dealing with artifacts, knowledge, and diplomacy with other tribes.
  • Clicking on the controls in the lower right allows you to switch to the universe map, toggle panic mode, toggle the unit health bars, and open the labor manager. You may also open the labor manager


The Tone Rebellion uses very few hotkeys.

  • M opens the universe map.
  • 1, 2, and 3 switch the dojo display to the first, second, or third group of dojos.

Game Menu[edit]

A game menu exists where you can load games save games, pause the game, exit the game, and set sound volume settings. To get to this menu, you must move the mouse to the extreme upper right corner of the screen and left-click. Clicking on an area outside the menu closes the menu.