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Druaga has spawned many monsters in his tower to defeat Gilgamesh, and Gil will need to fight them to progress. Should Gil touch one of them without his sword drawn, or come into contact with a spell fired by slimes or magicians, dragon or Sorceror's fire, he will lose a life. Though most generate with the level, the Will'o Wisps also appear when the bonus timer runs out and turns red.


Slimes are very basic monsters. They move slowly around the maze, and will kill Gil if he touches one without his sword drawn or if a spell-casting slime's spells hit him (unless if blocked by his shield). Gil can kill any slime instantly if he crosses paths with one while his sword is drawn; however, it's still dangerous to cross a slime while it's moving towards you. Slimes are fairly predictable in that they will wobble just before they move.

Tower of Druaga Slime Green.png Green Slime 30 These don't have any special abilities.
Tower of Druaga Slime Black.png Black Slime 50 Move considerably faster than the greens.
Tower of Druaga Slime Red.png Red Slime 60 Can shoot spells in the direction that they just moved.
Tower of Druaga Slime Blue.png Blue Slime 40 Shoots spells that can break walls.
Tower of Druaga Slime Dark Green.png Dark Green Slime 70 Shoots spells that pass through walls.
Tower of Druaga Slime Dark Yellow.png Dark Yellow Slime 90 Shoots random spells.


Knights are the first enemies you will encounter that don't die in one hit. To defeat them, you must cross paths with them while your sword is drawn. They will kill Gil with one hit if his sword isn't out. You can inflict more damage by attacking from behind.

Beware of fighting multiple enemies at once! Gil has an invisible energy meter that depletes as he battles these enemies. If it runs out, he will die. The good news is, defeating each knight will recover Gil's energy by a certain value.

Tower of Druaga Knight Blue.png Blue Knight 1000
Tower of Druaga Knight Black.png Black Knight 1000
Tower of Druaga Knight Mirror.png Mirror Knight 2000 Has the same movement speed as Gil.
Tower of Druaga Knight High-Power.png Hyper Knight 3000
Tower of Druaga Lizardman.png Lizard Man 200 Deals double damage with left-handed attacks.
Tower of Druaga Knight Red.png Red Knight 1200


Magicians will appear at a point at least two tiles away from where Gil is, cast a spell at him, then vanish. The spells will kill Gil instantly; however, he can defend himself by blocking them with his shield. He can also kill the magicians before they vanish, if he's quick enough.

Tower of Druaga Mage.png Mage 50
Tower of Druaga Sorcerer.png Sorcerer 70 Their spells can create fire. It is possible, albeit dangerous, to quickly put out this fire by swinging your sword at it while you're very close (does not work in FC version). The fire will also disappear if you leave it long enough.
Tower of Druaga Druid.png Druid 90 Their spells can break walls.
Tower of Druaga Wizard.png Wizard 100 Their spells can pass through walls.


Ghosts cannot kill Gil by touching him, which is just as well, seeing that he can't see them without a candle. They can kill Gil by casting spells at him, and they can also warp through the walls. An easy way to defeat a ghost is to wait for it to pass in front of you, then chase it with your sword drawn such that you continually inflict damage until it disappears.

Tower of Druaga Ghost Mage.png Mage Ghost 150
Tower of Druaga Ghost Druid.png Druid Ghost 250 Their spells break down walls.
Tower of Druaga Ghost Wizard.png Wizard Ghost 350 Their spells pass through walls.


When Druaga split the Blue Crystal Rod into three, Quox, a dragon who was inhabiting the tower, was split into three as well. Dragons are very difficult to slay without special items. The player can pass into a dragon without dying if Gil's sword is not drawn. However, if your sword is drawn, they can finish you off (similar to knights and ropers). Additionally, they can breathe fire that will normally kill Gil unless the player obtains the Blue Necklace and destroy walls like Druids, Druid Ghosts, and Blue Slimes.

Tower of Druaga Quox.png Quox 3000
5000 (Floor 59 and
"Another Tower"
Floor 40)
Tower of Druaga Dragon Silver.png Silver Dragon 3000
Tower of Druaga Dragon Black.png Black Dragon 3000

Will o' Wisps[edit]

These fly around the maze very fast and, as such, are difficult to avoid. Will o' Wisps will appear continually while the bonus timer is red, just to put the pressure on.

Tower of Druaga Will'o Wisp Blue.png Blue Will'o Wisp 0 Turn left as they fly through the maze.
Tower of Druaga Will'o Wisp Red.png Red Will'o Wisp 0 Turn right as they fly through the maze.


Like dragons, ropers won't kill you if you don't draw your sword. However, they will also zap your energy down to 1 (except in FC version where they deal normal damage), making it impossible to fight them or any knights and dragons. If your sword is drawn, they can finish you off (similar to knights and dragons). By defeating a roper, Gil can regain some energy, however Gil must be holding Dragon Slayer or a stronger sword in order to defeat them (in arcade version only, in Famicom Gil can defeat them with any sword).

Famicom version note: There are two more types of ropers, named All-Green Roper and All-Red Roper. Other than color, they are the same as other ropers.

Tower of Druaga Roper Green.png Green Roper 1000
Tower of Druaga Roper Red.png Red Roper 1000
Tower of Druaga Roper Blue.png Blue Roper 1000