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The following table explains how to reveal every treasure chest in each of the floors of the Pro game of The Tower of Druaga. There is only ever one treasure chest per floor in the Pro game. Ishtar does not present you with any clues for each floor, so you must figure the reveal methods out on your own, or consult this table. Many of the reveal methods harken back to methods used in the original arcade game. There is also no debate with the Succubus on Floor 57 as in the other difficulties.

Floor Treasure Reveal Method
1 Copper Pickax Kill a Green Slime.
2 Jet Boots Kill a Black Slime.
3 Silver Chime Press the RUN button.
4 Book of Maps Defeat every enemy.
5 White Sword Open the door.
6 Red Line Shield Pass by the door before collecting the key.
7 Red Line Armor Use the Pickax on the outer wall.
8 Gold Chime Use the Pickax on the door.
9 White Gauntlet Step on the same magic circle five times.
10 Silver Pickax Collect the key without ever drawing your sword while on this floor.
11 Match Walk around the floor with your sword drawn for several seconds.
12 Levitate Boots Defeat the enemies in the following order: Black Slime, Druid, Ghost.
13 Book of Keys First use the Gold Chime. Then use the Silver Chime.
14 Match Draw and sheath your sword three times.
15 Emerald Necklace Destroy every wall that contains a candle.
16 Spear Collect the key without defeating any enemies.
17 Candle Absorb a spell with your sword drawn (you must absorb the spell from your left).
18 Blue Helmet Shake your sword (tap Button I).
19 Book of Light Move away from the starting point. After a lot of time has passed, return to the starting point.
20 Fire Shield Walk into a wall for several seconds.
Floor Treasure Reveal Method
21 Gold Pickax Enter Right ×7, Left×1, Right×7 on the joypad.
22 Dragon Slayer Use any item in the upper left corner of the floor.
23 Black Knight Armor Use the Silver Chime to turn off the background music. Then open the door.
24 Silver Mirror Use the Book of Light to turn off the lights and collect the key.
25 No treasure.
26 Ruby Necklace Walk all the way around the entire extent of the outer wall.
27 Moon Walker Break 3 walls with your Pickax.
28 Bronze Key Quox must break 3 walls. You can cause him to crash through the walls by luring him to you.
Hint: If he doesn't crash through the walls, it might be because you look like a bad guy...
29 Reflect Shield Do not collect the key until the timer reaches 30.
30 Spell Canceler Press and hold Button II for several seconds.
31 Red Ring Wear the Moon Walker boots when you collect the key.
32 Holy Armor Rotate the joypad counter-clockwise three times.
33 Balance Defeat the enemies in the following order: Druid (gray), Mage (purple), Druid, Mage.
34 Blue Gauntlet Draw your sword when the timer hits 30.
(The gauntlet will be the Evil Gauntlet if you do not possess the Balance).
35 Silver Key Wear the Levitate Boots and pass by all of the magic circles on the floor.
36 Ank Open the door without killing any enemies.
37 Green Crystal Rod Defeat the Black Knight.
38 Balance Stand still until the chest appears.
39 Rocket Boots Absorb 15 spells with your shield.
(The boots will be the Turtle Boots if you do not possess the Balance).
40 Ank Defeat the Hyper Knight with the Spell Canceler sword (not easy to do, but Black Knight Armor helps)
Floor Treasure Reveal Method
41 Sapphire Necklace From the upper left corner, you must pass through the squares that correspond to coordinates X3Y11 and X7Y11.
42 Balance First collect the key. Then use your Pickax on the outer wall.
43 Horned (Hyper) Helmet First open the door. Then use your Pickax on the outer wall.
(The helmet will be the Evil Helmet if you do not possess the Balance).
44 Gold Key Draw and sheath your sword three times while wearing the Levitate Boots.
45 Red Crystal Rod Press Button II with no item assigned to it.
46 Balance Stand still in the upper left corner, facing the outer wall, for several seconds.
47 Blue Line Shield Receive enough damage to reduce your HP to 1/16th of maximum.
(The shield will be the Evil Shield if you do not possess the Balance).
48 Blue Ring Defeat the enemies in the following order: Druid (gray), Mage (purple), Sorcerer (green), Wizard (red).
49 Balance Collide with an enemy while wearing the Moon Walker boots.
50 Excalibur Receive enough damage to reduce your HP to 1/8th of maximum.
(The sword will be the Evil Sword if you do not possess the Balance).
51 Gold Mirror Completely use up your Pickax.
52 Balance Defeat every enemy.
53 Blue Line Armor Defeat the enemies in the following order: Lizardman, Mirror Knight, Hyper Knight.
(The armor will be the Evil Armor if you do not possess the Balance).
54 Ank Equip the Holy Armor, and absorb three spells with it (not with your shield).
55 No treasure.
56 Gold Shovel Wait until the timer reaches 10, and then open the door.
57 Blue Crystal Rod Draw your sword and attack the fake Ishtar.
58 Ruby Mace Collect the key without breaking any walls.
59 No treasure. Defeat the White Knight. Then find the one true Wizard out of the four that appear and defeat it. Then defeat the Red Dragon. Finally, beat Druaga. You must have all of the best equipment and the Blue Crystal Rod to defeat Druaga.
60 No treasure. Walk to the lower magic point, stand on it, and press down. Then walk to the upper magic point, stand on it, and press down. Then walk to the left of the middle magic point, rescue Ki from the stone, collect her, and walk back to the middle magic point.