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The following table explains how to reveal every treasure chest in each of the floors of the Easy, Normal, and Hard games of The Tower of Druaga. If a floor has two treasures listed, the first treasure is the primary treasure and is typically required to complete the game. The primary treasure chest will always appear at the location where you started the floor. The second treasure is optional, and will never be required to complete the game. The secondary treasure chest will always appear at the center of the floor.

Floor Treasure Reveal Method
1 Copper Pickax Kill a Green Slime.
2 Jet Boots Kill a Black Slime.
3 Silver Chime Use your Pickax on any part of the outer wall.
4 Book of Maps Absorb a spell with your shield.
5 White Sword Walk across the white magic circle on the center of the floor.
6 Red Line Shield Move away from your starting point. Draw your sword, then sheath it.
7 Red Line Armor Break a wall with the Pickax.
8 Gold Chime Kill the Blue Knight.
9 White Gauntlet Walk across two shining magic circles on the floor.
10 Silver Pickax Wait for the fast moving energy ball to reach any magic circle.
11 Match Touch any part of the outer wall.
Copper Trawl Touch the door before you collect the key.
12 Levitate Boots Kill the Ghost (you will need to use a Match if you want to see it).
13 Book of Keys Kill A Mage.
Light Blue Potion Push against a wall for 5 seconds.
14 Match Be standing on any magic circle when it begins to shine.
15 Emerald Necklace Stand still for several seconds.
Acid Scroll Stand still for several more seconds.
16 Spear Walk on the two green magic circles.
Copper Trawl Walk through the lower right corner of the floor, and then above the door.
17 Candle Walk on the two black magic circles in a specific order (listen for a sound).
Sleep Scroll Destroy every enemy.
18 Blue Helmet Shake your sword over one of the Sorcerer's flames.
Rope Stand still in the upper left corner of the floor for 5 seconds.
19 Book of Light Do not use your Pickax on any wall before collecting the key.
Silver Trawl Do not use your Pickax on any wall before using the key to open the door.
20 Fire Shield Lure both of the Black Knights over to the shining yellow magic circle.
Silver Clock Draw your sword and sheath it.
Floor Treasure Reveal Method
21 Gold Pickax By walking on the magic circles, change all five circles to the same color.
Black Potion Enter Left ×7, Right ×1, Left ×7 on the joypad.
22 Dragon Slayer Defeat Quox (the dragon).
Silver Shovel Collide with the Quox without drawing your sword.
23 Black Knight Armor Collect the key.
Quiet Scroll Use the Silver Clock.
24 Silver Mirror Turn off the Book of Light for a few seconds (the room must be dark).
Rainbow Pickax Press Button II with no item selected.
25 No treasure.
26 Ruby Necklace You must wait for the one shining magic circle to stop shining. Then step on it.
Sleep Scroll Receive enough damage to reduce your HP to 1/8th of maximum.
27 Moon Walker Stand still along side the treasure mimic until it transforms into a real treasure.
Shell Scroll Collect the key.
28 Bronze Key Walk on the three magic circles that form a triangle pointing up.
Silver Clock From the upper left corner, you must pass through the squares that correspond to coordinates X4Y4 and X4Y8.
29 Reflect Shield Use the Silver Chime with Button II to interrupt the background music.
Silver Shovel Rotate the joypad three times in a counter-clockwise direction.
30 Spell Canceler Break the walls that lie between the two magic circles.
31 Red Ring Make every enemy on the floor explode.
Red Crystal Get caught in a small explosion such that your HP is reduced to 1.
32 Holy Armor Destroy any wall containing a candle with your Pickax.
Copper Trawl Equip the Moon Walker Boots, walk and draw your sword.
33 Balance Step on the magic circles and allow them to warp you around the floor until you end up at the top circle for a second time.
Green Crystal Draw your sword and walk for five seconds.
34 Blue Gauntlet Equip the Emerald Necklace, find a fire element on the floor, and stand on it. (The gauntlet will be the Evil Gauntlet if you do not possess the Balance).
35 Silver Key Stand on the three magic circles that form a large triangle in a certain order (listen for a sound).
Black Potion Collect the key without drawing your sword.
36 Ank Use any item related to light (Match, Candle, or Book of Light) once.
Acid Scroll Receive enough damage to reduce your HP to 1/16th of maximum.
37 Green Crystal Rod Destroy every enemy on the floor.
Gold Trawl Destroy every enemy on the floor.
38 Balance Stand still until the chest appears.
Heat Scroll Completely use up your Pickax.
39 Rocket Boots Stand before a particular candle on the floor. (The boots will be the Turtle Boots if you do not have the Balance).
40 Ank Touch the lion statue to enter heat mode.
Gold Clock Enter heat mode (either by touching the statue, or using a Heat Scroll).
Floor Treasure Reveal Method
41 Sapphire Necklace Equip the Moon Walker boots, and try drawing your sword in the opposite direction from which you currently face. If it does not work, face a different direction and try again.
Green Potion Step on the same magic circle five times.
42 Balance Destroy the Dark Eye (single stationary enemy that spins and periodically fires a spell in one direction.)
Blue Potion Press the Run Button on the second player joypad.
43 Horned (Hyper) Helmet Stand on the shining magic circle. You will become stuck to that circle until you block three spells with your shield (you can turn around). The treasure will appear when you are free. (The helmet will be the Evil Helmet if you do not have the Balance).
44 Gold Key Open the door. (Be careful not to exit the floor before collecting the treasure).
Clear Scroll Create one wall with a Trawl.
45 Red Crystal Rod You must die (does not cause game over). Then Ishtar will revive you for free, and provide you with the treasure.
46 Balance Continue to pass over the lower yellow magic circle until enemies stop pouring out of the black magic circle. One of the enemies will be a Silver Dragon. It will become a treasure chest when it breathes fire.
Burn Scroll Open the door without killing any enemies.
47 Blue Line Shield Destroy all of the enemies without touching the lion statue. (The shield will be the Evil Shield if you do not have the Balance).
48 Blue Ring Collect the key with your sword drawn.
Rope Draw and sheath your sword three times.
49 Balance Pass over the four magic circles near the corners.
Sleep Scroll Use a Sleep Scroll.
50 Excalibur Get both the red and blue Will'o Wisp to pass over the shining magic circle. (The sword will be the Evil Sword if you do not have the Balance).
Quiet Scroll Use a Quiet Scroll.
51 Gold Mirror Pass over every magic circle in a particular order, from upper right to lower left (listen for a sound).
Shell Scroll Use a Shell Scroll.
52 Balance Absorb one spell with your Holy Armor.
Black Potion Use a Heat Scroll.
53 Blue Line Armor Use the Book of Maps once. (The armor will be the Evil Armor if you do not have the Balance).
Blue Crystal Equip the Moon Walker Boots and collide with an enemy.
54 Ank Defeat every Knight on the floor.
Gold Shovel Destroy every enemy, and then use a Burn Scroll.
55 No treasure.
56 No treasure.
57 Blue Crystal Rod Draw your sword and attack the fake Ishtar. She will reveal herself as the Succubus (if she does not help you, start the floor over because you cannot win without her help).
58 Ruby Mace Wear nothing but the equipment that you started out with on Floor 1 as you collect the key.
Empty Walk all the way across the seventh row from the top of the floor.
59 No treasure. Defeat the White Knight. Then find the one true Wizard out of the four that appear and defeat it. Then defeat the Red Dragon. Finally, beat Druaga. You must wear all of the best equipment and possess the Blue Crystal Rod and Ruby Mace to defeat Druaga.
60 No treasure. Walk to the lower magic point, stand on it, and press down. Then walk to the upper magic point, stand on it, and press down. Then walk to the left of the middle magic point, rescue Ki from the stone, collect her, and walk back to the middle magic point.