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Shoot the zombie from the car for the quicker route.
  • Innocents: 1

The chapter starts out with the mysterious Goldman issuing a threat against all AMS agents. Apparently he will be throwing everything he has at you. This level has many routes depending on what actions you take, and you can even end up in different locations for the boss fight. The quickest route is to save the car, get the gate key, save the boy and fight at the Sunset Bridge. However, if you're going for score, it's longer (and therefore has more opportunity for points) to let the car crash, don't save the woman behind the gate and fight the boss at the floating wooden bridge.

You gain control with an immediate plot fork in the form of an out-of-control car speeding toward you. A zombie is attached to the windshield, and you can take him out to save the driver. If you save him, you'll proceed past him on an overland—and potentially shorter—route. If not, he'll crash into a building, and your route will be through there instead.

Save car[edit]

  • Missions: Repel all zombies for 30 seconds.
  • Bonuses: 4

Head past the car you saved and you'll immediately get your first shootable bonus on the right. Right after it appears, two zombies will jump out of the back of the van on your left. You'll then head up the stairs to an alleyway between buildings, taking out two more zombies on your left as you ascend. Once you're in the alley, watch the rooftops for a paddle and knife-wielding zombie. He jumps down, flips around and generally shows much more alacrity than most zombies, and he takes three words to kill.

Moving farther down the alley triggers the mission, where you'll have to defeat all oncoming zombies for 30 seconds. The majority of them come at you from down the far end of the alley, but occasionally some will pop out of the shuttered window on your left. The ones from the window are much closer to you, but only take one letter to dispatch. Make good use of word canceling if you don't think you can finish a longer one when a zombie pops out of the window.

Around the next corner to the right is another bonus item, followed closely by a single-letter zombie bat coming down from the rooftops. Head left to find two child-zombies banging on a door, behind which you can hear someone pleading for help. This isn't a savable innocent however, so take your time with the two zombies if you need it. Once they're taken care of, a human boy is flung to death from above. When you look up, you'll see a zombie in one of the windows, and he throws two axes at your, both of which can be handled with single letters. After he moves back inside, two more zombies come around the corner from the left.

Quickly type the word to get through the gate.

It's hard to get everything in the next part, but immediately after killing the last zombies, the third bonus will pop up on the green crates in the right corner of the alley, and when you turn the corner a zombie bat will coming flying at you very quickly. It's only one letter to take it out, but you have very little time to react, so be prepared. Once you go down the stairs and take a right, the next zombie (another paddle one) will drop down from the first arch you go through. He takes three hits, then you move on past the last bonus of this leg to a locked gate with a body in front of it. Here the game gives you ample time to pick up the key. If you do so, you'll be one step closer to getting on the quick route, otherwise you'll be headed down to the wharf.

Get gate key[edit]

  • Innocents: 1
  • Bonuses: 2

Picking up the gate key gets you past the gate into the next courtyard. As you're entering you'll have the opportunity to pick up two bonuses on either side of the steps leading to the building across the plaza. You'll turn quickly to the right when you get in there, so you'll have to be fast. As soon as you turn the corner you'll come face to face with a barrel-wielding zombie. Pause for a second until he throws the barrel, then take it out with a single keypress before doing his word. Immediately afterward, a boy will come charging out of the building on the right with a zombie on his tail. If you take out the zombie, he'll tell you his dad inside the building he came out of, and you'll go that way. If the boy dies, then you go through the building across the courtyard.

Save boy[edit]

  • Innocents: 1

After saving the boy you'll head inside the restaurant and immediately be assaulted by two zombies. When they're destroyed two more will come shambling in from the left. When you take them out you'll turn the corner going in the direction they came from and you'll hear the dad being chased in the next room. Here you'll get the target's word before the door opens and you see what you're shooting at. When the door does pop open, the dad comes running out with a zombie right behind him. This requires a very quick kill to save the man. After watching some news about a monster on the bridge, you'll head into the next room.

When you move into the back room you'll face four zombie slugs that just require a single letter apiece. When you try to exit to the back alley, you'll first have to survive an onslaught of zombie torsos dropping out of the vent high up on the wall. When you've taken care of the six half-monsters you'll go outside, down the stairs and continue on to Sunset Bridge.

Miss boy[edit]

  • Innocents: 2
  • Bonuses: 2

If you don't save the boy, you see a woman get killed in the window of the building that the boy was running toward. When you go through the front door of that building, you'll immediately be attacked by two zombies and the one on the right throws hammers at you. Take out the first hammer, then the one who threw it before destroying the one on the left. When you turn into the room, you'll have to quickly type the word of a zombie trying to kill a girl, then two torsos slithering toward a boy in the corner. If you save them both, you'll watch them mourn their mother, the woman that died in the window. Shortly afterward two more torsos will crawl out of the fireplace. Take them out and prepare to take the door down the hallway on the left.

As soon as you open the door you'll see two zombies walking toward you. After you take them out, two blue zombie monkeys will come rushing out of the door on the left at the end of the hall. These guys flip around and can climb the walls and they take three hits to kill. When you've taken them out, you'll have a chance at a bonus hidden in the vase at the end of the hall right before a big zombie pops out of the door there. When he's down you'll head through the door on the left, out onto a balcony.

When you get outside, a dancing monkey with a paddle and knife will attack, and he takes three hits to bring down. You'll proceed down the walkway to a door taking you back inside where you'll ride the elevator up a floor. Two zombies will be waiting at the top as the door opens and two more follow once you round the next corner. You'll head up the stairs and climb up through a trap door where zombie slugs will attack from the barrels there. There are five enemies here and an Alien Dictionary "bonus". Unless you like typing weird words, it's probably easier to leave the dictionary be.

When you stand up, two zombies will come around the corner on the right, followed by a much quicker one with chainsaws. You'll continue straight through the door down another hallway where another blue monkey fellow will jump out of the floor. He and the mummy zombie that comes through the door on the left at the end of the hall afterward both take three hits. Once you're out of that hallway, you'll have a series of eight zombies coming around left and right corners ahead of you, two at a time. As soon as you kill one, it's replaced by the next with four on each side. You'll go right after that and head down a ladder back to ground level.

At the bottom of the ladder you'll get back outside where you'll see your two friends in a boat taking out two zombies attacking them. Before rejoining them you'll face one last wave of enemies that come out of the water in front of you, first two from the right then two from the left. When you head over and talk with your friends, you'll be interrupted by the boss, who jumps up onto the floating wooden bridge on your right.

Miss gate key[edit]

  • Innocents: 1

If you don't make it through the gate, you'll end up going right instead and entering the building there. Before you go inside, you'll look up onto the clock face on the side of the building and have to quickly type a two-letter word to take out the monkey zombie that jumps down on you. As soon as you get in the door, you'll face three simultaneous zombies with slightly longer target phrases. You're trying to get to the floor below, but you'll need to first go upstairs and lower the ladder from the control tower. On your way to the stairs you'll take out four slugs that drop down from a large cog. Halfway up the stairs you'll be able to save a civilian being attacked by a zombie with hammers. Once you get to the top of the stairs, you'll turn to the left and immediately be rushed by a leather-masked zombie. The last thing you'll do up there is push the button that drops the ladder down to the bottom floor.

After climbing down, you'll be able to save a woman there as soon as you turn around. After taking out the one zombie, you'll push out the metal gate to the area by the water outside. This route leads to the floating wooden bridge.

Crash car[edit]

  • Missions:
  • Innocents: 4
  • Bonuses: 3

If you miss the car's word or let it crash, you'll go through the building it crashes into. As soon as you turn away from checking on the driver you'll see the inside of the room where a bonus pops up on the crate on the right and two zombies are shambling toward a woman on the floor in the center. You'll need to be very quick to get the zombies in time, as they start our right next to her. Luckily their words are only two letters long. Afterward, you'll head through the door in the back where two weak zombies wait at the beginning of the hall. When they're down, a blue monkey zombie will crash through the window on the right and he takes three hits to bring down.

Moving down the hall, you'll get another bonus at the end before turning the corner and finding a dead man on the floor. You'll turn to look back behind you in time to take out a chainsaw zombie before turning back around and continuing down the hall. You'll face two more zombies before getting to a room on the left where a woman is sobbing. A zombie comes out from farther in the room on the right, but bypasses her in favor of attacking you. When he's down, you'll watch the news about the monster at the Sunset Bridge on the television. After watching the broadcast you'll go down to the end of the hall and take the door to the outside.

Once outside two zombies will come towards you. Take them out and prepare for a quick rush from a zombie bursting out of a door on the right as soon as you start moving. When he's down, two more come rushing out from the same side. Next is one of the powerful paddle and knife zombies that drops down on you from the roofs. Hit him three time to move on. When you go down the stairs, you'll see a zombie come out from the wall on the right, but wait half a second for a closer one to come out and take him out first. When you move past them, you'll come to an open area with a genre dictionary bonus where you'll have a mission after you take out five zombie slugs on the ground. In this mission you'll have 30 seconds to take out ten zombies that come running out of a dark doorway, one after the other.

After the mission, two zombie owls will coming flying in from the right with single-letter words. You'll go up the steps they flew in from and face a tough three-hit zombie that jumps around at the top. Afterward you'll need to take out a succession of three zombies coming around the corner on the right to move on. Moving into the next area you'll find a couple being attacked by a zombie each. The zombies are fairly close, so you'll have to be quick on these ones. When you move into the courtyard beyond, you'll go up to a metal-barred gate with a woman behind it calling for help. If you take out the two zombies before they get her, you'll open up the gate and go through that way. If not, you'll turn around and head to the floating wooden bridge.

Save woman[edit]

After saving the woman, you'll blast open the gate and continue into the room behind her. At the other end you'll be attacked by leather masked zombie, and then you'll head outside. You'll go through two more doors, taking out two zombie torsos on the way, to make it into another dark building. When you get inside you'll look around and be attacked by two skeleton zombies from the right. As you move farther into the darkness, a chainsaw zombie will come running at you from around a shelf on the left, and then a blue monkey zombie will jump out of some crates on the right. Right after that, you'll head around to the right and take out two quick zombies before breaking down the door at the back of the storeroom.

In the next room you'll face a skeleton zombie on the right and four zombie slugs that drop down from the ceiling on the left. You'll head out the door here and continue on to Sunset Bridge.

To Sunset Bridge[edit]

  • Innocents: 2
  • Bonuses: 2

Here you'll find two zombies, one of which is accosting a man by a fountain. Make sure you take the zombie on the left out first to save the civilian, who gives you nothing for your trouble. As soon as you turn back down the alley you'll have a second to take out two simultaneous bonuses before rounding the next corner and moving on.

As you head down the walkway next to the water, you'll be assaulted by multiple zombies offloading from small boats. After taking out seven zombies you'll move on down the walkway and turn to the right to see a man being chased by a knife-wielding enemy. Right after you save him (or don't) another zombie with dual chainsaws busts out of the doorway in front of you. Saving the civilian gets you an extra life. You'll head to the left toward the Sunset Bridge, but before you get down the steps close by, a zombie bangs open the shutters above you and throws a knife at you. Wait for the hammer to come out and block it before typing his word.

Moving down the path you'll face two single-letter zombie slugs before turning the corner and being attacked by three simultaneous zombies coming out of the water on the left. Continue on and take out two more zombie slugs on the stairs, then the two zombies at the top of them. Next are the three zombies eating human corpses just beyond, before you meet up with your colleagues right before the boss fight.

To wooden bridge[edit]

  • Innocents: 2
  • Bonuses: 1

When you get around the fountain, five zombies will come continuously climbing out of the water on your right. As you continue on, you'll be assaulted by another five zombies that also come out of the water on the right. As soon as you finish them off, be on the lookout for a bonus on the barrels on the right. It's a Gold Frog, which has the best point value in the game.

Past the barrels, four enemies will start pouring out from around the corner on the left, one after the other. Continuing on, you'll cross a small footbridge and a woman being chased by a zombie will come out of the blue double-doors on the left. If you save her from the zombie chasing her and from the two subsequent zombies that crawl up from the water behind her, she'll reward you with an extra life. When those zombies are dealt with, you'll be dragged into the water and have to take out two zombies right in front of you.

You stay in the water and get attacked by three zombie fish when you get around the boat, followed by two more zombies that swim toward you and another two that jump in from the boat on the left. You'll swim under a small bridge and be able to save another innocent person being attacked by a zombie in the boat with him. When you get around the boat, a zombie will pop up right in front of you, and two more will pop up as you keep swimming to the end of the area where you'll finally get out of the water. As soon as you're out and you turn to the right, a chainsaw zombie will rush you. Right after that you'll see your friends in a boat and be attacked from the right by the last zombie before the boss fight. When you've taken him out, you'll rejoin your friends at the motorboat by the floating wooden bridge.

Hierophant: Type B 05[edit]

Typing of the Dead ch2 hierophant.jpg

Depending on how you get there you'll fight the chapter boss either on Sunset Bridge above the water or on the floating wooden bridge next to your friends' motorboat. Besides the setting, the difference is that Hierophant will use an extra attack at the end of the Sunset Bridge fight.

His first attack consists of multiple word phrases that must be typed only when his chest is open. When his chest is closed, the target phrase will darken, although you can still see it. If you don't finish the phrase before his chest closes again, you will restart where you left off when you last could type. At the floating bridge you'll have to do six phrases before he goes into his second attack, while at Sunset Bridge it will require only five.

His second attack is to jump into the air and give you a phrase to type before he comes back down and impales you with his spear. On the wooden bridge it takes just four of these to beat him, while on Sunset Bridge you'll do three and move on to his last attacks. On Sunset Bridge there is a slight deviation to the previous attack, where he jumps back off the bridge so you can't see him, then makes two surprise attacks from the left or right. These attacks are much faster, but only require a single three-letter word.

When Hierophant is dead, you'll climb into the motorboat and head into the next chapter, which starts on the water.