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Field and Menu[edit]

On the field, you can use the D-Pad or ABXY buttons to move Neku. Alternatively, you can tap the Touch Screen to move or drag Neku to where you want him to go. Red arrows indicate an new area you can go to.

To get into a fight, tap the Player Pin on the bottom right of the screen to view all the Noise on the Screen. Next, tap a Noise to start the fight. You can chain up to 4 red noises, but red, yellow, and blue Noise are unchainable.

Menu Functions:

  • Friends: View people you've encountered who also have the game.
  • Noise: View the Noise Report.
  • Items: Give Neku and his partner some clothes and food.
  • Pins: Organize your pins for combat.
  • Chapters: Once you've beaten the game, you can replay all the chapters to get and view the secret reports.
  • Tin Pin: Play Tin Pin with someone else or just practice.
  • Mingle: Connect with others who have the game.
  • Save: Save the game.


The World Ends With You utilizes the Stride-Cross Battle System, which uses both Screens of the Nintendo DS for Combat. The Bottom screen for Neku, the Main Character, whose movements can be completely controlled by the player via Touch Screen, and the Top screen for you partner.