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Scramble Crossing[edit]

Follow the command and tutorial when prompted. Learn about the moves, controls, and basic game mechanics.

After clearing the short tutorial segment, you will obtain:

  • (Sticker) Dash: Quickly drag Neku to dash. At the very start of his dash, Neku is untouchable, allowing him to slip past oncoming enemy attacks.
  • (Book) Escaping from Battle: To escape from battle, press START to pause combat, then select "Gotta bounce!" Escaping never fails, but it may tick off your partner.

You will also obtain your first mission: "Reach 104 in 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure."

Statue of Hachiko[edit]

You'll end up in a couple of battles against a few Dixiefrogs. You will also enter into a pact with Shiki automatically during the cutscene.

Battle: Dixiefrogs
TWEWY--noise 1.PNG
Since you only have one pin for now, drag the stylus across the screen to set the Noise on fire and dodge when it reaches its charging period. The frogs aren't much of a threat, as they simply attack by jumping around. To regain control of Neku after using the pin, drag him across the screen; making use of his dash here should be helpful. Continue this pattern of attacking and dodging, and get used to it, as many tougher battles will require it.

Pyrokinesis; (Book) Bottom-screen Combat (DS), Controlling Combat (Solo/Final Remix), Boot/Reboot, CONTROLS/Drag

Once all frogs are defeated, head to 104.

104 Building[edit]

Return to Scramble Crossing and head north toward the 104 Building. After a scene, head back toward the 104 Building. A Reaper will send some Noise after you that serve as a tutorial for top-screen combat (DS version only). Attacking the enemy on either screen will hurt it, so make sure to follow the puck that travels between Neku and Shiki, as it indicates a combo. In Solo Remix and Final Remix, Shiki is represented by a pin, which Neku can use alongside his other pins in combat. Try to mix in Shiki's attacks with Neku's in order to build a combo. Defeat the enemies in the following battles to face the chapter's boss.

Miniboss: Mosh Grizzly
TWEWY--noise 15.PNG

Not very hard, but still tough. Continuously set the bear on fire and have Neku dodge his vicious slashes. Make use of both characters in order to chain combos; together, the two should defeat the bear relatively quickly.


500 yen and Scarletite; (Book) Top-screen Combat, Dual-screen Combat, Follow That Puck! (DS); (Book) So I Beat the Enemy..., Cross Combos (Solo/Final Remix)