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Scramble Crossing[edit]

Follow the command and tutorial when prompted. Learn about the moves, controls and such things as the game needs.


  • (S) Quick Dash
  • (B) Escaping from Battle
Mission 1

Reach 104 in 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure.

Statue of Hachiko[edit]

You'll end up in a couple of battles against a few Dixiefrogs. You will also enter into a pact with Shiki automatically during the event. Now head to 104.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • (B) Bottom-screen Combat, Boot/Reboot, CONTROLS/Drag.

104 Building[edit]

After some events, you will meet a Reaper and will send Noise at you. Defeat the enemies in the coming up battles.


Mosh Grizzly

Not very hard, but still hard. Hit the bear with your best moves and have Neku dodge his vicious slashes.


  • (B) Top-screen Combat, Dual-screen Combat, Follow That Puck!
  • So I Beat the Enemy...
  • 500 Yen, and Scarletite.