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Message from The Reapers:

Set the cursed sculpture free.
You have 60 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

Station underpass[edit]

You start off at the station underpass. Head left to get (B) Scanning.

Tap the pin to scan. You will get (B) Enemy Encounters.

Now scan again and you can see three Noise (oddly looks like frogs) around the Red Hooded Reaper. Touch one to start erasing Noise. As you fight, you start learning about different usages for certain pins. Defeat all the Dixiefrogs to obtain Thunderbolt, Force Rounds, (B) CONTROLS/Touch; Psychokinesis, (B) Use Obstacles; Shockwave, (B) CONTROLS/Slash, (B) Mail Icon and three 500 Yen. Now head left now that the wall has cleared.

West exit bus terminal[edit]

Now you will meet Beat (Skulls) and Rhyme. Select everything to chat about and you will get Healing Can, (S) Phone Menu, (B) Wearing Pins.

Now use the phone and set any pins you have now. A good choice is Healing Can with either a Thunderbolt or a Shockwave.

Go north and talk to a Red Reaper and scan. You will see two Orange Noise symbols near the Moyai (the statue that looks like the Easter Island Head). Tap them to begin the battles. You will also meet a new enemy, Garage Wolf. Tougher than frogs, weaker than you, so take them out. After, you will get 500 yen and (S) Extra Slot. The wall will be cleared, so head on through.

Note: There is a Green Pig Noise near the top of the exit to the Station Underpass. Take it out to get a 500 yen.

Statue of Hachiko[edit]

Scan around the area to start an event. Then go to Hachiko (the dog statue) and take a closer look. There is a blue stain-like dot on the statue. There's nothing you can do right now (except kill the Green Noise at the top right hand corner of the area for another 500 yen), so head back to the bus terminal.

Eavesdrop on a man near the Moyai and he talks about "polishing away" Hachiko, so now head back.

Save right now and adjust your pins. When you're ready, head to the statue and polish Hachiko to reveal Noise. The battle will start against three Garage Wolfs. Take them out to receive (S) DEF Boost for Shiki. Here is why you saved: you will meet a Reaper named Uzuki Yashiro (Pinky) and she will chuck a Boss Noise at you.


  • Metal Corehog: Level 3

Suggested pins:

  • Healing Can
  • Thunderbolt
  • Shockwave

This guy is not too hard, but will give you some problems. He is accompanied by two Garage Wolfs and is real cheap. But as long as you focus on the Corehog, it'll go through quickly. Start the battle off with Shiki attacking the Wolves while Neku attacks the Metal Corehog. The 'Hog will occasionally shoot quills and land near your characters. Have Shiki attack them and Neku avoid them, because they explode for a lot of damage. Once the Wolves are gone, have her help Neku and the fight will go by quickly.

You will obtain an ATK Boost for Shiki, Ice Blow and Scarletite. Watch the long scene.