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  • Obtain the (square)root 3 Au pin.
  • t = 300 min.
  • Incompletes will be destroyed.


Tipsy Tose Hill

  • Green Noise: 'Sexy D' required. Obtain 'Sexy +'

Spain Hill

  • Green Noise: Obtain 'Hands Free Healing'

Scramble Crossing[edit]

Scan Joshua.

  • Reaper quest. Obtain Extra Fine Noodles, 1000 Yen

Move on to Shibu Dept. Store.

Shibu Dept. Store[edit]

Talk to the reaper, then clear the yellow noise. Obtain (S) ATK Boost.

  • Reaper quest. Obtain 10000 Yen.

Cadoi City[edit]

Move on to Molco. You will be attacked by black noise.

  • Tips: Use fusion or strong attacks when you have the light puck.
  • Obtain: (S) DEF Boost, 'Ichimonji', and Scarletite.


  • Green Noise: Requires Pyrokinesis pin. Obtain ???
  • Reaper quest: Obtain Sparkling Silver and 1000 Yen

Enter the shop. Participate in the tin pin slammer. After completion of the event: Obtain 'Tin Pin Fire', 'Tin Pin Custom', and (B) Tin Pin Slammer.

Day ends when you exit Molco.