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Mission: Free Spain Hill from the Noise

Tipsy Tose Hall[edit]

Go to the left to learn about Reaper Creeper. Use the stylus to slowly move the coin to the white circle. Obtain "Reaper Creeper" meme.

Talk to the reaper near the top exit and complete his quest. Obtain 'Murasame', Durable Leather, 10000 Yen.

Proceed right to AMX.


Green Noise in top right corner. Obtain Rare Metal.

Defeat Yellow Noise for 5000 Yen and "Tin Pin Ticket" meme.

Purchase Track 31 from the store.

Pass through Tipsy Tose Hall on your way to Spain Hill.

Talk to the Reaper who requests you to bring him the CD purchased at AMX. Obtain 1000 Yen and Crimson Chilli.

Move on to Molco.


Green Noise at the entrance. Obtain 5000 Yen.

Talk to the boys.

Return to Spain Hill.

Spain Hill[edit]

Fight a few battles against Red Noise until you see a scene. Obtain (S) Block and 1000 Yen.

Scan the girls and defeat the Yellow Noise. Talk to them and imprint "Reaper Creeper." Move the coin to white for all questions.

Save and ensure you have your favorite pins on. Scan and defeat the Yellow Noise. Obtain (S) Def Boost.


Circle Pit Grizzly

Obtain (S) Atk Boost, (S) Retry Battles, 'Sexy D', Scarletite.