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  • Dominate the crossing view at 3:00.
  • You have 180 minutes.
  • Fail, and face erasure.

Scramble Crossing[edit]

Talk to and then scan Makoto (Three Hours?). Defeat the Yellow Noise plaguing him. Obtain (S) Safe Landing, "Unreal, bro!", "Come get some hot stuff!", "Totally gnarly!" memes.

Talk to him again and imprint him with "Totally Gnarly!"

Talk to the Reaper at the top of the screen. Answers to his questions are: Edoga the Shop, High Heels, and Bubbles. Obtain (S) DEF Boost, Orichalcum, and 5000 Yen.

Center St. Entrance[edit]

Talk to him again and imprint him with "Unreal, bro!"

Talk to the Reaper and fulfill his condition. Obtain (S) ATK Boost, Sleak Silk, and 10000 Yen.

Pass through AMX and Tipsy Tose Hall to reach Spain Hill.

Spain Hill[edit]

Talk to him again, imprinting him with "Come get some hot stuff!" a few times.

Make your way back to Scramble Crossing.

Scramble Crossing[edit]

Talk to Shiki on the right side. Talk to Shiki on the left side. Talk to Makoto on the right side. Obtain (B) Be a Trendsetter.

Do three battles at Scramble Crossing with the 'Red Skull' equipped. Obtain 500 Yen.

Do three battles at 104 with the 'Red Skull' equipped. Obtain Scarletite.

Return to Scramble Crossing and talk to Shiki.


Shibu Dept. Store

  • (S) Tin Pin Versus is available for purchase at the Herbal remedies shop.

Cadoi City

  • Green Noise over the shop. Obtain 'Love Me Tether'.
  • Reaper quest. Obtain 1000 Yen.


  • Reaper quest. Obtain Durable Leather, 1000 Yen.