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  • The Game Master awaits you on the freeway. Defeat him.
  • You have 600 minutes.
  • Fail, and face erasure.


Scramble Crossing

  • Reaper quest (top). Obtain 1000 Yen, Choice Meat.
  • Reaper quest (top right). Answers: Yuu, Slash Neku, Hip Snake. Obtain 1000 Yen, Sweet Sweet Onions.
  • Reaper quest (right). Obtain 1000 Yen, Colourful Thread, Stunning Crystals.

Towa Records

  • Green Noise (between shop entrances). Obtain Rare Metal.

Scramble Crossing[edit]

Move on to Statue of Hachiko (left).

Statue of Hachiko[edit]

Do the Reaper quest. Obtain (S) ATK Boost, 5000 Yen.

Move on to West Exit Bus Terminal.

West Exit Bus Terminal[edit]

Check pins and save before talking to Reaper(center).

Mini-Boss: Cornix Canor[edit]


  • Beware falling objects, especially the bus. If Cornix picks it up, watch for the shadow when he drops it and get out of the way.
  • Use fusions when the boss is visible. When he isn't, focus on getting fusion stars.
  • You can avoid Shiki getting hit when Cornix flies by if you attack him repeatedly and destroy whatever he's holding.
  • Use Shiki's jump attack to deal additional damage.

Obtain 'Meteor Magnet'.

Carry on to Station Underpass

Station Underpass[edit]

Head to the very end of the passage.

Boss: Ovis Cantus[edit]

This is the end boss of week one, he's not that tough. You haven't unlocked hard or ultimate mode yet, and by the time you do, you'll be high enough level to make a pushover out of him.

At first, he doesn't do anything other than absorb your psychs (Audio Cue: "Time for a taste test"). If Neku uses any psychs while he's doing this, they just get absorbed. Shiki can't attack him either, so just wait it out. If he absorbs enough psych energy, he'll attack back with a series of energy balls (AC: "I'll char you up black!"). Note that only two of these will actually hit Shiki, but with Neku you have to dodge. It's not that bad though. After you deal some damage to him he gets a bit more difficult (AC is "Now we're boiling!"). At this point, he'll start attacking you with pounding fists which create shockwaves (AC: "I'll pound you!"). Note that he'll sometimes hit Shiki with this attack, so watch where he's striking. He'll also strike with a claw attack (AC: "I'll mince you!"). This attack will only hit Neku, but it covers a very wide area and hurts. But fortunately for you, because of the fact that he announces that he's going to do it beforehand, you can dash right through his attack and keep pounding him. He'll occasionally attack Neku with lightning, which can immobilize him, but he fortunately almost never uses this attack. Lastly, as he gets down to his last legs (after you've eliminated his yellow health bar and gotten to the green, AC: "We've preheated long enough!") he'll swap out his single fist attack with a rapid one-two pound. Get in between the two fists and just keep attacking. Finish him off, and you have just completed week one.

Obtain Scarletite, 'Earthshake', (S) DEF Boost.