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This was the first 1st-person James Bond game wherein you could switch the 'mode' in which a weapon operated, such as mounting or removing a silencer or switching from single-shot to full auto.


  • Wolfram P2K (Silenced or not)
  • Mustang 44 (2x zoom)
  • Raptor Magnum (with laser or not)
  • Golden Gun

Submachine guns[edit]

  • Meyer TMP (automatic or single)
  • Deutsche M45 (automatic or burst)
  • Ingalls Type 20 (automatic or single)
  • Deutsche M9S (2x zoom, burst or single with laser)
  • MB PDW 90 (automatic or single)


  • Soviet KA-57 (automatic or burst)
  • Meyer Bullpup (2x zoom, automatic or burst)
  • Mustang MAR-4 (automatic or burst)
  • Mustang MAR-4 GL (automatic or HE grenade launcher)


  • GL 40 (2x zoom, grenade explode by impact or after 5 sec.)
  • RL 22 (2x zoom)
  • AT-420 Sentinel (4x zoom, automatic or guide with laser)
  • Hand grenade
  • Sticky grenade
  • Stun grenade


  • Frinesi Special 12 (Pump or Automatic)
  • Suisse SSR 4000 (6x zoom)
  • Deutsche SA90 (6x zoom)