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Each playable character in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has unique stats that improve as they slowly work their way up to level 99. Characters can be stronger or weaker than other characters in terms of HP, Strength, Magic, Agility, and Luck. Furthermore, different characters have access to different Reactive and Proactive abilities, including spells and stat boosts.


An in-game tip for EMS.
An in-game tip for BMS.
An in-game tip for FMS.
  • HP - Determines how many Bad hits and misses the player can make before failing
  • CP - Determines the total point value of Reactive and Proactive abilities that can be used
  • Strength - Determines the power of regular hits
  • Magic - Determines the power of magic spells
  • Agility - Determines the pace of characters in Field stages
  • Luck - Determines the likelihood of encountering a moogle

Playable Characters[edit]

The playable characters.

Unlockable Characters[edit]

Progressing towards unlocking a character.

Characters are unlocked by collecting eight colored crystal shards per character. Chaos Shrine is the best mode for earning these shards

Character Guides[edit]


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Character Comparison.jpg

Each of the different characters have their own unique traits and abilities. However, all characters have a maximum CP capacity of 50.

Character Entry HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Notes
Aerith VII D C B B F
Ashe XII B C A B B Has a mix of abilities.
Bartz V B C C S A Abilities are oriented towards FMS.
Cecil IV S B C F D Best HP of a Starting Character. Abilities are generally a mix of proactive support and offensive spells.
Cid III A D F F B Worst Magic, and probably the second worst stats in the game, including the worst Agility/Luck combo. Abilities are focused around surviving hard situations.
Cloud VII A S C B F Worst Luck of any character. Uses Abilities to improve stats.
Cosmos Dissidia A D S D S Second Best Luck of any Character.
Faris V C B B S F
Firion II C S D A S Best Strength/Luck combo. Abilities are generally focused on dealing damage.
Kain IV B S D A F Tied for top Strength, but second worst Luck.
Lightning XIII A A A B D Possibly the best starting character, or character in general. Has a mix of offensive and stat-based abilities.
Locke VI C B C A C Abilities are focused on getting treasures.
Minwu II S F A D A Tied for Worst Strength. Abilities are oriented around healing and protection.
Onion Knight III D D B S C Second Best Agility. Abilities focus around Agility and reacting to damage.
Princess Sarah I F F F F S Worst HP, and probably the worst stats in the game, including the worst Strength/Magic combo.
Prishe XI S S F F B Second Worst Magic user.
Rydia IV D C A C B
Seifer VIII B A B C A
Sephiroth VII D S S F D Best Strength/Magic Combo, and ties for Top Strength.
Shantotto XI F F S A A Tied for Worst Strength, but also for Best Magic. Uses strong offensive magic.
Snow XIII S C D C C Best HP of any character.
Squall VIII B A B D C Abilities are generally Reactive and harm foes.
Terra VI F D A B S Worst HP of a starting character. Her Abilities make her an ideal offensive mage.
Tidus X A B F A C Abilities improve stats.
Vaan XII C B C C S Best Luck in the game. Abilities focus on getting treasures.
Vivi IX F D S B A Tied for best Magic.
Warrior of Light I S A D D D Abilities are generally focused on support.
Yuna X C F S D D Better HP than other powerful mages.
Zidane IX D A D S B The best Agility in the Game, and the best Agility/Luck Combo. Abilities focus on FMS stats.


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