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Through the Dragon's Eye
Box artwork for Through the Dragon's Eye.
Developer(s)Longman Logotron
Publisher(s)BBC Enterprises
Designer(s)Peter Smith, Christopher Russell, David Watkins
Release date(s)
System(s)BBC Micro
ModesSingle player
Preceded byGeordie Racer
Followed bySky Hunter
SeriesLook and Read
TwitchThrough the Dragon's Eye Channel

Through the Dragon's Eye is an educational game, which was developed by Longman Logotron for BBC Enterprises (known as BBC Worldwide since 1995) and released to British primary schools for the BBC Micro in 1989; it is based on the thirteenth serial of the BBC's drama series Look and Read, and the player is guided through it by the eponymous dragon Gorwen (taking on the Wordy role from Geordie Racer). It also requires Watford Electronics DFS version 1.30 or 1.44 (or Acorn DFS version 2.26) to finish, as it asks the player to insert its second disk and press Enter to proceed to its second part after the fifth challenge's intro - and the player must also remember the Book Tree's passwords.


This is taken from the back of the disks' inlay card, the front of which is seen in the image to the right:

This Look and Read adventure program invites pupils to join the quest to save the magical world of Pelamar.
The Veetacore has exploded and the missing pieces must be found in order to bring Pelamar back to life.
Pupils are guided through the program by the mighty dragon Gorwen.
They must solve the clues and puzzles in the program by reading and thinking.
Pupils are encouraged to: choose word endings to bring the clouds down to earth; find their way through the snowstorm using logic and memory; play a word game with the mischievous Widgets; read the map and avoid the marsh; and unjumble the words to read the spell that brings Pelamar back to life.
© BBC Enterprises Ltd 1989

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