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  • Y and N: Once Gorwen has asked you "Have you been on a quest with me before? Press Y for yes or N for no." a cursor will flash under it; for the full effect, you have to press N for "no", because if you press Y for "yes", you shall be asked "Do you want to go to: Part 1 or Part 2" (Part 1 covers the first to fourth challenges, while Part 2 covers the fifth to eleventh ones), rendering all except the last challenge skippable if desired (like in Geordie Racer it was presumably for the benefit of players who could not finish the entire game in a single sitting). If you choose to go to Part 2, you will also have to insert the game's second disk and press Enter before the game will proceed to the menu for it (providing the DFS is compatible).
  • Space: When a sign of three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, you will have to press this key to continue; when you have to make a choice, you must also push it to move the highlight to the next option and push Enter to confirm it.
  • Esc: If you get stuck or don't know what to do in a particular challenge push this key to get help from Gorwen; however, when you push Space to return to the challenge, it shall be returned to its original state if you had partially completed it, so doing this is, for the second time, not advisable.
  • Delete: If you enter a wrong character while typing in an answer, press this key to delete the wrongly-typed answer, then try to type it in correctly; in the eleventh challenge, you can also use it to remove the most-recently-entered word in Boris's spell if the word in question was not the right one.
  • U, D, L, R, and 1-9: In the third challenge, use these keys to tell Boris which direction he has to go in, and how many steps to take.


  • Gorwen: The eponymous dragon of Pelamar, who will (as the former Look and Read mascot, Wordy, did in Geordie Racer) guide the player through the game and give them advice if they do not know what to do for particular challenges (for the fifth one, he also refers to himself in the third person).
  • Boris: The orange Veetacore Keeper (although he appears as red here due to technical limitations); in the third challenge you shall have to help him through the Book Tree's maze to get to the Book Room, by telling him which direction he has to go in and how many steps he has to take. The other two Veetacore Keepers, Morris (who was green and had a small caterpillar named Frug) and Doris (who was purple), are not present in this game.
  • Scott and Amanda: Two of the children who were transported to Pelamar after Gorwen winked at them once they had finished painting their mural; their fellow classmate Jenny, who was transported to Pelamar with them, also doesn't appear in this game (despite appearing upon its title screen).
  • Widgets: The squirrel-like inhabitants of Widge (although they appear as white with red or magenta facial features and Ws on their stomachs here); at the start of the second challenge they hide a Veeton inside the Book Tree, and before the start of the fifth one, they trick Gorwen and Amanda by covering part of a "Road Unsafe" sign. Also, at the start of the seventh challenge, they steal a map of Widge by fishing it out of the magic waterfall - but if you answer ten yes/no questions correctly before answering five wrongly in the ninth one, they use a safety net to save the endangered Scott.