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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 4 intro.png

At the start of this challenge, Gorwen will tell you from off-screen "You helped Boris get to the Book Room. Now help him find the first Veeton. Where will you look for the Veeton?" with two options, Bookcase and Box, below it; if you choose Bookcase, the bookcase shall appear on the screen, with twelve numbered books (their numbers are randomly-generated, but ranging from 1 to 17) on it, as Gorwen informs you "The Veeton is in the bookcase.". Once you have pressed Space to continue, he shall say "Find the book which has an odd/even number, greater than X and less than X." (the first X ranging from 0 to 16, and the second one ranging from 2 to 18) as a cursor flashes below it - and once you type in the number of the correct book and confirm it, the book will flash red as the first Veeton (the cubic one) bursts out of it and flies left and right. Gorwen will now say "Well done! You have found the first Veeton. Now for the second one!"; once you press Space again, the game shall proceed to a cutscene, which is described at the bottom of this page.

However, if you choose Box, Boris shall appear on the screen with four randomly-generated piles of books labelled A to D as Gorwen says "The Veeton is in one of the bundles from the box."; once you have pressed Space again, he will say "Which bundle could be shared among X people, without any left over?" (X being a number that's divisible exactly by the number of books in one of the piles) as a cursor flashes below it. Once you have typed in the letter of the correct bundle (you do not have to press Enter to confirm your answer here), the first Veeton will emerge from it and fly up, to the left and down to Boris - and Gorwen shall now say "Well done! You have found the first Veeton. Now for the second one!". Once you've pushed Space again, Gorwen, Amanda and a Widget will appear on the screen, as the text "HELP" flashes up on it ten times and the text "Boris and Scott are calling for help. Gorwen and Amanda don't know which way they went. Gorwen thinks they should follow the Road Safe sign." appears below them; after you've pushed Space to continue, Gorwen and Amanda shall walk off the right side of the screen and the Widget will move up to reveal that the sign he was partially obscuring actually says "ROAD UNSAFE" as the text "Oh no! They've been tricked! Perhaps you can help them." appears under him. The text of "Insert the disc for part 2 then press the RETURN key." shall now appear on the screen - and once you've done so the game will proceed to the fifth challenge.