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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 11.png

At the start of this challenge, Boris will appear on the screen standing on top of a Q*Bert-style pyramid to the left of the Veetacore with an octagonal box containing the scrambled sentence "life good Pelamar. of give to Power" above him, as Gorwen says "If you can help Boris say the spell Pelamar will be saved."; once you have pressed Space to continue, he shall say "Use the SPACE bar and the RETURN key to put the words in the right order. Press DELETE to remove the last word.". Once you've pressed Space again, the seven words that make up the sentence will disappear from the octagonal box and reappear at the bottom of the screen - and their correct order is "Power of good give life to Pelamar.", so once you've selected the words in that order to make them reappear (only coloured white as opposed to green) in the box, Boris shall jump up six times as Gorwen says "You've done it!". The screen will then return to the shot of the Veetacore House (only this time, it has a flag on its roof, and Gorwen is also outside it) as all the red and green is restored to it (revealing that the flag says "GOODBYE", but in the serial it said "THE END"); the 8-bit version of the serial's theme shall then be heard for a second time as Gorwen says "Thank you for coming on our quest and for saving Pelamar. We hope you enjoyed it.". The word "GOODBYE" shall now flash in white, red and green in twelve different places at the screen's bottom until you press any key to return to the BBC Micro command prompt.