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Tiger Knight: Empire War
Release date(s)
ModesCommand Mode,Duel Mode,Epic War
TwitchTiger Knight: Empire War Channel

Tiger Knight: Empire War is an exciting action strategy PVP game which reenacts large-scale warfare set circa 200 AD. Sets in the eve of the Three Kingdoms era in ancient China, NetDragon's PvP-focused MMORPG Tiger Knight: Empire War puts you into massive 200v200 battles, where you can command 1 adjutant and up to 40 soldiers to fight other commanders. Combat in the game takes inspiration from the Mount & Blade series with the stress on the realism of weapons/armors and combat skills.

In addition to the combat skills, you have to rely on strategy to win. You can unlock new soldier units as well as famous adjutants who can fight for you. Adjutants have different capacities, special formations, skills and different levels of loyalty. On the other hand, the game has over 1000 armors and weapons, 50 horses and horse gears to be collected. Choose the weapons and armors wisely because the length of weapon and the type of armors affect your combat effectiveness.


Command Mode: PVP Mode (with soldiers) with 10-14 players, who individually command 1 adjutant and up to 40 soldiers at most to defeat enemies. This mode supports a 200 VS 200 battle and includes two sub-modes, Conquest and Siege.

Duel Mode: PK between generals (without soldiers) supports a 16 VS 16 battle and contains six sub-modes. Players can fight individually or in teams. Each bout lasts for about 15 minutes (or 80 kills).

Epic War: PVE Mode (cooperation between teams) players join as a team to fight with the AI in realistic simulations of famous battles from the Three Kingdoms Period. The difficulty of PVE mode is divided into three levels: easy, normal and hard.


Tiger Knight: Empire War was successfully Greenlit by the Steam gaming community a while back and is similar to the Dynasty Warriors games fused with Mount & Blade.