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New Interface[edit]

This year's Tiger introduces a new Game face menu which at times can be hard to follow.

The first few menus are similar to past years, however loading times have increased to fit the better graphics.

The menus to edit the different features of the character have changed and can be difficult to maneuver. The two joysticks change the current characteristics and the d-pad up and down define the characteristic to be modified.

Note: X or A does not change to the next characteristic, but body shape.

New Clothing Setup[edit]

Now to make shopping easier, EA has sorted the different items in the shop based on similar qualities, such as maker, and cut. However you should be cautious as the first shop shown to you after creating your character does not include all the items available, so if you want to buy that blue shirt, wait and go into the shop later after saving to see if you can get one with bonuses and for less money. You should also note that although shirts may look the same, they do not have the same benefits. Such as the ladies Nike Luky shirt, the first one is level 1 with no bonuses, but by scrolling left, you will find a level 4 full bonus shirt which is one of the best addons to increase luck and accuracy.

New Swing Shop[edit]

This year EA has given the player complete and utter control over the swing of your custom golfer. This includes editing stance and posture and so on. However, although it has not been proven, I find that when I tweaked my swing to look more like my own, it also changed the properties of the ball flight and not just the look of the swing itself