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First person shooting[edit]

First person shooting or FPS is basically moving around with a gun on your hand and seeing through the character's eyes. The most important factor in this game, because your gun or other weapon always points at the middle, is to be able to line up your gun and shoot.

Strafing is something you need to be familiar with. If you just stand there and shoot, you're going to die. So in other words, if you are able to move sideways, you'll be able to dodge the bullets being fired at you.

Use corridors or places to simply hide from bullets. If you are under heavy fire, until you find some health in this kind of game, all you need is to find some cover.

Lastly, reload frequently. Normally enemies can be taken down with a few hits, but if you encounter a more powerful enemy that takes more than a few hits, you need to find some cover to catch a breather before taking another shot.


Features can be changed in "Preference". These features can help you with the gameplay system.

  • Auto-aim: Normally FPS games force you to try to get accurate shots. For beginners, you should keep this on so if you aim for the enemy, the gun automatically aims very close to the target.
  • Invert look: Like FPS games, you aim the gun by moving Neutral control. Inverting the aim switches between up and down.
  • Auto Lookahead: If you want to be able to look ahead at a straight angle, it can be tough to do. If you turn this on, it might be able to adjust to what you see in front of you without any discomfort at all.
  • Modes: Both Aim and Crouch Mode can be either Hold or Toggle.
  • Weapon Change: You start off with "If New and Best". So in sequence, you start off with a normal weapon and it automatically switches to a more powerful weapon. "Always" is constantly switching weapons, "Never" if you don't want to go over a weapon and try to switch what you currently own, "Best" is simply from least powerful to most powerful weapon in your arsenal, "If New" is simply switching weapons.