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Box artwork for Time Crisis Mobile.
Box artwork for Time Crisis Mobile.
Time Crisis Mobile
Year released2005
Preceded byTime Crisis: Crisis Zone
Followed byTime Crisis 4
SeriesTime Crisis
Genre(s)Light gun
ModesSingle player
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Time Crisis Mobile is a first-person shooter game, that was released by Namco for mobiles in 2005; as its name suggests it is the sixth title in the company's Time Crisis series. Unlike in all the previous installments, the screen is divided into nine sections (which each correspond to a number key on the mobile's keypad, so the number key you press determines where your shot shall be fired) - however, you may also press the "0" key on the keypad to pull off the series' duck-and-reload manoeuvre. The game features a three-stage "Story Mode", five "Mini Missions" that can be unlocked and completed, and four difficulty settings; however, unlike in all five previous games, you have to choose whether to play the game with music or sound effects (as a mobile's sound chip cannot do both simultaneously).

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