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Regular enemies[edit]

Some enemies never drop any item when defeated: it's safer to just avoid them, instead of fighting them.

Sprite Enemy Location Attack Items
Rogue Surface Ranged Yes
Orc Surface Melee Yes
Skeleton Surface & dungeons Ranged No
Giant spider Surface (NES only) Melee No
Ghost Computer ports: surface & dungeons
Consolle port: dungeons
Melee No
Slime Dungeons Melee No


Sprite Enemy Quest Attack Items
Orc leader 1. The Foretelling Stones Melee Urn (containing the stones)
Yellow guards 2-3. The Tablet of Truth Melee They patrol some restricted areas.
Immune to the red (fire) scroll, but not to the blue (ice) scroll.
Spy 4. The spy Melee Note (a spying report)
Shadowpeak bandits 5. The prince of Ganestor Melee Green key
The Lyche 6. Irial the Archmage Deadly Red potion
The Grey Abbot 7. The temple of Angor Deadly Medallion